clomid,estradiol,and prochieve?
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miranda - August 27

I am 22 and was diagnosed with pcos 4 years ago.. I got pregnant with my 1st son
(my miracle baby) on my own by surprise.
I am now trying for #2. I am currently taking prometrium to start my period and will be starting 50 mg of clomid next week. then i will take estrodial then prochieve. Anyone else try this method and any luck?


CJ - August 27

When do you take the estrodial? My doc has me on that but I take it every day no matter where I am in my cycle and I have heard that some people only take it certain days. I also am on Clomid. I am about to start my second round of 100mg; did not O on 50mg. I don't know about prochieve. Sorry I'm not much help but I wanted to ask about the Estrodial! Good luck to you.


angie - August 29

i am on the same but provera for period, clomid days 5- 9 , estradiol and prochieve. This is my first round and if its any help i actually ovulated on day 14 for the first time in 7 years! i can take a pg test on labor day so we'll see!


angie - August 29

i only take estradiol day 7-12 but each person is different so just follow docs advice



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