Clomid Dosage?
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Julie - August 16

What dosage of clomid is everyone on? I will be taking 50mg starting tomorrow for 5 days. Has anyone gotten pregnant on this low of a dose?


KellyN - August 16

Hi Julie! This is my 2nd month on 100mg clomid, starting tomorrow. No pg yet. :o(


Sara - August 16

Hi KellyN, this is my 2nd month on 100mg clomid too. So far no preg yet. I'm trying the OPK this month. I'm keeping my fingers crossed....


annette - August 16

me too in my 2nd cycle of 100mg clomid. no luck yet :(. in cycle 1, i od on cd21. in cycle2, it looks like i od on c28! good luck to you all


Sara - August 16

Hi annette, How did you know you ovulated on cd28? Did you do the OPK?


Amy - August 16

I am also on my 2nd month of 100mg and still no baby. I bleed last month during OV, and I totaly missed it. Good luck to you.


annette - August 18

yea sara, i did do a lot and lot of opks to find out the exact day. since id od on cd21 the previous cycle, i had an approximate idea when to start the testing. i had ordered cheapopks online at, and used them. when i suspecte o day, i tested with a couple of better brands too, like answer. i did the bbt too, and i had found a temp spike 2 days after the +opk... now its waiting time.. good luck!


KellyN - August 18

Hi Sara, annette, and Amy! I am going to try IUI this month, since clomid "drys" me out a bit of ewcm. Hopefully it will work!


Jane - August 18

Yes I did get pregnant on the very first month I took the pills. But unfortunately I miscarried very early.


Sara - August 18

Hi Annette, My cycles on avg are around the 32 day range. I don't know if clomid makes me ovulate or not and the doc has never tested to see if it works. Since I'm trying the OPK this month, when do you think I should start testing with the sticks? I'm on CD7 right now.


Lindsey - August 18

Julie, I 'm gonna take 50mg of Clomid as soon as I get my period. This is my first time to try Clomid. Let me know how it works for you!!! =)


annette - August 18

saraa,they say if ur cycle lenght is 28 days, u should start opks by cd11, but if u have it 32 days, you can start by cd 14 or so, but i would start by cd11, even if my cycle lengh is a bit more, coz i dont want to miss the surge..


Sara - August 18

Thanks Annette. The test strips are expensive where I live. For 5 strips it costs $40.00!



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