Clomid Day 1 tomorrow!
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Dark_Pink - February 10

Greetings all! I am new here. I am 25 and attempting my first Clomid cycle in 2 years. I had a extremely terrifying miscarriage last April and D/H and I decided to take some time off. I have not had any cycle since Halloween. They had been normal and just stopped... So needless to say we did the progesterone challenge to get AF this month... UGH! But the final result will be worth it! I am starting 100mg this time. This should be interesting. I am just not even going to think about it... Just let it happen! I hope its that easy!


Mega - February 10

Good luck! Sorry about your m/c last April. For some people, yes it is that easy. There are lots of Clomid success stories, I hope you become 1 of them!


Laura - February 12

Hello Dark_Pink! Good luck. I am a clomid success story and on the first time I got pregnant and I am now 7 weeks along. Try the robitusson around ovulation. I hear that helps. Also, a baby asprin a day can't hurt either! Good luck and let us know how it goes!


TracyR - February 14

Dark_Pink, good luck! I just took my first tablet of 50mg of Clomid tonight! I am excited! I hope that we have luck, but it is also just so great to get the ball rolling! I am also on Metformin 1500mg/day for insulin resistance. Lots of *baby dust* to you!


Dark_Pink - February 19

Thank you all for your warm wishes! I am praying that this works! :) I am also doing 2000mg metformin



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