Clomid Challenge Test and HSG
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Joanna - December 30

I just had my HSG on the 28th and i just finished my round of 100mg of Clomid on the 29th. What are the chances of getting pregnant this time around, this is my first time taking Clomid, how long after the last pill do you Ovulate? My last cycle was 27 days which started on Dec 21st. The tech that did my HSG said my tubes dont seem to be blocked..I saw the dye flow thru both tubes :)


Natalie - December 31

all doctors prescribe clomid differently however when I have taken it I took it from day 5-9 (day 1 being af) and then you should ovulated around day 14 like normal. I also suggest taking your temperature each morning. This has been wonderful for me because my cycles are soooo long and I have no idea when I am going to ovulate. It is quite clear though when you take your temp each morning. Normally straight after af it is low (mine is around 36.5 degrees) and it stays that way until you ovulate. After ovulation it normally goes up by .3 of a degree and remains high until the next af. You should give it a go



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