Clomid CD 3 to 7 Question
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Lee - September 24

Hi Everyone:
I've been TTC for just over a year. This has been my 4th round of Clomid. First 3 were at 50 mg taken 5 to 9. I had no problems ovulating but continued to have an 11 day LP. Doc upped the dosage to 100 mg and moved the days to 3 to 7. My question is by increasing the dose and changing the days when the Clomid is taken would my ovulation day be sooner or later than usual?
Any input would be greatly appreciated!


Kerri - September 24

You're suppossed to ovulate 5-10 days after you take the last Clomid pill--so it shoud happen between cd 12-17. I took Clomid on cd3-7 this cycle and didn't O until cd 31!!!!! Today I'm 13 dpo so it can happen later---is your Lp usually 11 days long. Mine is consistently 13-14 days so I won't test until 15 or16 dpo. Good Luck!


isa - September 26

Hi Lee, this was my first month on clomid, 100mg from cd 2-6, then started injectibles day 7-10, hcg shot day 11and iui day 12 today and tomorrow day 13. i dont think i o'd yet thou as he said it would be very painful since i have 4 good follicles ready to go. this is making me nervous that i dont think i ovulated because it would mean the iui was done too early. Anyways hope the input helps.



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