Clomid cd 3-7 not 5-9
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Freckles - June 10

Whats the difference in days?
I was taking 50 mg cd 5-9
dr said try 100 mg 3-7 what will that do?
Im going for hsg also on cd 15 though Im not to take any clomid this month I will start again next month
the 50mg did make me ovulate though


slowpoke01 - June 10

i dont know what the difference is i think that it depends on the dr i also am taking 50mg clomid on days 3-7 and i will go in next week for an iui i think the sooner the days you take it the sooner you will ovulate but i am not sure the hsg i had done was no fun at all dont want to scare you but to give advice i would suggest that you take someone with you to drive you home and take something for pain about 30 minutes before you get there


kiza - June 10

I have taken 50mg of clomid on cd5-9 got pregnant first try with twins2002. Started again in 05 with clomid 50 mg 5-9 and got pregnant second round. I think it depends on the dr's preferance. I have heard of women taking it cd 1-5 so who knows.


KitCat - June 12

Taking clomid earlier in your cycle may make your ovaries release more than one egg, giving you a better chance of conceiving. Women that take it later in their cycle are usually looking to produce and release one very sturdy egg instead of two or three that are not that advanced or developed yet.



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