Clomid causing me to bleed???
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MuzikGurl - February 11

I had AF from 1/30 to 2/8 exactly 10 days...I started Clomid on 2/4 which was my 6th day of my cycle and finished it on 2/8. I stopped AF on 2/8 had nothing on 2/9 but dh and I bd'ed twice in a row last night but, I didn't clean up until this afternoon when I woke up (it was his birthday yesterday and I slept in late this morning) for the past few days I've been cramping alot...and just this evening I noticed after wiping that af seemed to come this normal??? it' not heavy just when I wipe maybe a little on pantiliner. I'm cramping horribly and I don't know's like muscle pain all on my right side..across my hips too...maybe very little on my left too..but mostly rright side. Been very fatigue and kinda emotional but, that's about temps from the day before my first day of clomid (my 5th day of my cycle) were as follows: 97.2 97.7 97.2 97.3 97.3 97.5 97.2 and today 97.5 dh checked my cervix last night before we bd'ed and he said he could easy feel it and he said he could feel a hole...very tiny one but, like it was open...I can't reach my cervix no matter how hard I try so, I took his word for it cause he had no reason to lie to me or make up something. We go to the dr. on the 15th but, I was wondeirng if anyone else is going through the same thing or have gone through it too...I have PCOS so, if that makes any difference...any help or advice or something is greatly appreciated...thanks as always!


Isis - February 11

I would go to the doc now that sounds serious. I get pain on clomid but only stabing ones and they last for only a couple of seconds. But bleeding is not a good sign are you sure you are not pregnant?


MuzikGurl - February 13

I have an appt. on the 15th of this month, I did take a pg. test but, it came out neg. very faint neg. Don't know's the brand Confirm or something like that. It was really cheap. But, lately here I've been feeling gasy and kinda constipated (maybe that's why I was cramping???) Very exhausted my temp went up to 97.9 my highest since my, I'm not sure if I'm ovulating now or what...but, DH and I bd'ed anyways...I also have a salvia microscope called Ovulite it's somewhere in my storage right now, I'm thinking of getting it out tomorrow since it's closed right now...but, I am definately wondering what's the deal...So, how are you doing? I hope all is well...too bad I only got one response maybe I'm the only one...who knows...Well, I'll let you know how it goes...thanks for caring!


MaryG - February 13

The same thing happened to me at the beginning of December 2005. I started my first round of Clomid on the 3rd day of bleeding. I don't have a cycle every month (PCOS too) About 2 days after I took my last Clomid pill I started spotting and cramping really bad I knew something wasn't right. I just had that feeling . So I took a HPT it was neg. No big shock having taken numerous neg test before. That night I happened to notice the test in the trash had turned positive. I decided to retest the next morning. Well the next day I took a test and it was positive. I was sooo confused. I took a preg test before I started the clomid and it was neg. All I kept thinking "OMG I took Clomid while I was pregnant, and it's making me miscarry!" My OBGYN said that's Clomid usually does not make you bleed. Well I had bloodwork done at my OBGYN's and by the time I got the results back I was in the process of m/c. I'm still not sure what happened. I also have PCOS. Once my AF starts I will start my second round of Clomid and I am also starting progesterone to help my lining stay thick enough to support my baby for the next time I get preg (gotta stay positive!!!!) My advise to you is to call your doctor ASAP. And listen to your body. I don't want you to go thru what I went thru if you are preggo.

I'm curious, how long have you been ttc, and meds are you on besides Clomid for your PCOS? My DH and I have been ttc for a year and a half, and I take Metformin. Its nice to meat some else with PCOS, I feel like the only one!! :)


MuzikGurl - February 16

MaryG, Hi, how are you? you too Isis?? Well, went to the dr. today he looked at my chart and's too early to tell anything ( I'm think then why in hell did you waste my time then!??!!?) simply because it's not time for me to ovulate yet..???....I didn't know that. He said hopefully within the next couple day I will see a hige difference in my temps. but, to him so far my temps are a little on the low side for being this far in my cycle. I'm not taking any other meds...which suprises me...but, I did I find out I did lose 3 lbs. without trying! And all day today I've been cramping like crazy!!! especially my left pelvic area....I've been very gassy too so, I don't know if it's just gas cramps or soon to be or the real thing ovulation. I don't how did everyone's v-day go?? mine sucked...dh and I argued mostly...over nothing important now....yea I did eventually at 3am I did get laid last night but, it sure wasn't it ever???.....anyways...let me know how you girls are doing??? take care!


bump - February 17



MaryG - February 17

Hey MuzikGurl! Sorry you had such a sucky V-day! I hope your temps go up too! My V-day went pretty well. We ordered TAKE OUT and watched a movie. We decided not to do gifts (only cards) since my birthday falls so close to V-day. Tomorrow I turn 26! I should be excited but I'm having a hard time dealing with 'getting a another year older' and having no children. When I first got married (3 yrs ago) I said "I was hoping to be finishied kids by the time I was 28-30." Well here I am turning 26 and I don't even have one!!! I told my DH yesterday that mothers day is going to be really hard on me (unless I'm pregnant by then) this year. Mothers day was hard enough before I had the miscarriage. Oh well, I try to take it one day at a time. Tomorrow I plan on taking an HPT because I plan on having a few drinks . ITs been 6-7 weeks since the m/c and no signs of AF yet. I'm sure the test will be negative. I'll let you know what happens. So enough about me. Do you have any kids? How long have you and DH ttc?


MuzikGurl - February 19

Hey MaryG, Well I'm glad ur v-day went well...sounds like a great idea and happy birthday to you! I'm only 23 years old and DH is 26 just turned his b-day is close to v-day too on the 9th. So, we just celebrated his. We've always had sex unprotected since we met ( just knew he didn't have any thing wrong with him and I wasn't having any periods and didn't have any for 2 years before that so I wasn't worried about getting pregnant) but, it wasn't until after we got married that we actually started the baby making thing actively and I started charting and everything and then the clomid and stuff. We got married this past summer in June on father's day...I was born on father's day and got married on father's day thought it would be perfect. I think I delayed my ovulation or something cause when I went to the dr. he said I should ovulate or see a temp rise within the next few days well, that was back on Wednesday and I thought my temps started to rise but, this morning they dropped really low and I'm scared I delayed it because I've been stressed out for the past few days about some financial it possible?? DH and I didn't bd for like 3 days and we did once earlier this evening and we may do it again later tonight depends if he's tired or not. (lucky me..I know...=P) I'm afraid that during those 3 days I may have ovulated but then again maybe not well, I go back in two weeks to see the dr. he said he'll do a blood test then to see what's going on. anyways....I hope the best for you and let me know how ur hpt turns out....fingers crossed! xxxxx


MuzikGurl - February 19

oh btw, no we don't have any this is our first....and I haven't had a m/c or or anything and he hasn't gotten any girl pregnant that he knows of...


MaryG - February 19

Well as predicted the HPT was negative, no big shock there. Birthday kinda sucked. DH didn't have to work, but spent all day w/ his friend installing electricity in our new shed. I ended up baking my own cake (we always make each others b-day cakes) b/c I knew we would end up running late to go eat for supper if I waited for him to make it. So that added more fuel to the fire (I was kinda upset he didn't spend a lil time with me during the day.) Don't get me wrong I'm not the type of person who needs to be with her man 24/7, but a lil attention on my B-day would have been nice. Then our good friends call at the last minute to say they can't make it b/c they wouldn't make it back in time (shopping at the mall). By this time I was so upset I didn't even feel like going anywhere but I wasn't in a mood to start a fight w/DH. I spent close to an hour getting ready and I got all dressed up. And since we really don't get out much I figured we should still go so we left. Well half way to resturant (its 45 mins away) we hear on the radio that the roads around the place we we headed to were blocked because of the Mardi Gras Parades. Not sure if you are fimiliar with Mardi Gras, its a big tradition here in southern Louisiana. We never really celebrate it too much.
So that meant we would be stuck in traffic for a few hours, we decided to eat at this rinky place. I bet you can imagine how pissed I was at this point. The food wasn't really good, and the service was so slow. Before heading home I made DH stop get me a chocolate russian daiquri with and extra shot of vodka(we are blessed to have drive-thru daiquri shops here! LOL!) Got home finished daiquri (wasn't drunk, had a lil buzz ;) and was in bed for 10:30 DH was so tired (woke up at 6:00) that he could could barely keep his eyes open. Before he drifted off he appoligized for not spending time with me and being too tired to give me booty. By this time I wasn't even mad anymore, so much had went and I don't like to go to bed angry. I woke up at 3:00 am to use the bathroom and couldn't go back to sleep.
So here I am wide awake writing to you at 3:30 am. Sorry this is such an long post. Just needed to vent. I recently started charting my temps since the m/c but having no luck with that yet. My temps are all over the place (I take them the same time each morning). I forgot to congratulate you on losing 3 lbs! Thats great! I've been trying to lose but having a real hard time. Ever since I got of BCP about 2 years ago, my weight is constantly going up. Not really comfortable with having a baby at this weight but I don't want to put off ttc. I was thinking of ordering Nutrisystem but it cost 300 a month for all the food. Can't really afford that. We are trying to save all we can in hopes of building a house in the next 2 years (we live in a trailor). Speaking of money, sorry to hear that you are stressed over finances. I can understand that feeling, about 2 years ago we were both laid off for a period of 6 months. Luckely
we now both have good jobs and have been working hard to save extra money.
Well I think I've talked your head off enough for one night (well morning I should say), thanks for listening! Talk to you soon! Good luck with your temps.


Long Time PCOS - February 24

Going to the doctors in the best thing to do. Often Clomid can cause a small ovarian cyst, they normally go away on their own. If you had intercourse it could have aggravated the cyst and ruptured it. This can hurt horribly. I've had it happen several times. It can also result in some pink in your panties.
Also, when implantation occurs there can be bleeding, anywhere from a lil pink to a couple days of bleeding. Usually implantation cramping in on the right side of your abdomen. Have you doctor do a blood pregnancy test. Hope this helped.


MuzikGurl - February 24

Well, I did go to the Dr. and he did a pelvic and blood test. It was all neg. but, the day I went was tuesday and my temps. were flat lining at 97.5 but, the very next morning I jumpped to 97.9 and the cramping and everything went away...and only my nipples hurt...the next day my temp jumpped a little more to 98.1 and this morning it was at my all time highest at 98.4 I think I did ovulate the day I went in the doctors. So, technically I'm 3dpo...I called the dr. cause he gave me a prescription for 100mgs. of clomid to take even if I don't start my period by sunday. I don't wanna take them if I ovulated this would mess things, I called left a message with the girl up front and hopefully he'll call me back with answers....DH is being such a selfish a**hole....I looked at my chart and I have been charting with fertility friend and it says I ovulated on wednesday/tuesday so, we have sex then and on wednesday (which we had sex the day before O and the day of) but, last night I wanted to just in case and he threw out this old story that he's tired and didn't want to do it...when I finally got my temps where they need to be and everything he backs out and doesn't want to have's making me wonder if wants to have kids at all...lately here I've b*tched at him this morning but, of course he ignores me...what's a girl to do??? Well, just wanna let you guys know what's going on...I'll post again once I hear what the doctor has to say. what's happening with everyone else??? baby dust and fingers crossed for all! *********


bump - February 25

bump bump


MuzikGurl - February 25

Well, the girl finally called me back...she said the dr. said not to take the clomid...(great saved me 50 bucks this month!!)...and moved my appt. up to 3/9 at 1pm instead of at the end of March....they will do a beta on me during that time...meanwhile dh is being nicer...maybe it's just me and my hormones...who knows...but, I'm slightly cramping off and on but, not bad at boobs hurt a little bit and my nipples are killing me!!! I've been extremely tired like I don't wanna do anything...been getting sleepier earlier at yesterday I wanted to go to bed at 7:30...and right now it's 8:45 ish and I'm ready to klonk'm normally a night owl...humm....could be my hormones though...this is definately all new to me...any insight is helpful...thanks for all the support!=)



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