Clomid- BFN and period is a week late.
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Amysince70 - December 1

Does anyone know if it's normal to get your period late after taking clomid? I ovulate naturally and the doc put me on 100 mgs of clomid to "give the sperm more targets"....But to be honest I felt very infertile this month, no EWM and I didn't feel the usual ovulation cramping...It was weird. So I'm wondering, is it normal to get your period late? Also, Could it mess of my ovulation if I don't need to be taking it? Thanks.


ROBYN - December 1

Hey Amy - I do beleive and it did not happen to me it actually regulated me to a 29 -31 day cycle but I have heard that it definitely can make your cycles longer. But I am sure somone else can give you a little more info. Hope all is well with you.


Amysince70 - December 1

Robyn- How are you feeling?


Sweetpea - December 1

Amy-I just had the same thing happen to me last cycle, I had a cyst, do you think you could have one too? I think its odd your doctor put you at 100 mgs since you already ovulate, you may want to see if he'll lower it to 50 to give you more chance of EWM since clomid dries you out. I found that Evening Primrose Oil helps out. Maybe you're a person who gets a very late bfp!? I wish you the best of luck!


Amysince70 - December 1

Ha ha....I wish...No, beta and HPT say negative and I feel like I'm going to get my period. Was it the cyst that made you period late?


leahb5 - December 1

this also happened to me amy. i o regularly and my doc put me on it for the same reason. my cycles where sometimes extended and one time i must have had a cyst(corpus luteum cyst) because when i did get my af it was very uncomfortabe. i called my doc and he lowered the dose and said it was too high of a dose if it took me that long to get my period after i oed. i also never felt fertile on clomid...ask your doc about femera/letrozole i took that and i felt much better. it doesnt affect the lining of the uterus as much and its the same as clomid. how long have you been ttc and is this the first meds you have taken??


Amysince70 - December 1

We have been trying to concieve for about 17 months. This was out second IUI and first with clomid. How is Femera different than clomid? Did you get pregnant from Femera? Did you feel better when you moved down to a smaller clomid dose?


Boo b do - December 1

Hi Ladies, I took clomid for three month at 50mg starting in July 06, no ovulation according to the dr. I have since taken two months of 100mg and my AF went from 28 to 31 days last month. My last cycle was on the 25th Oct and I am still waiting for hte next to arrivew. That would make me late, using 31 days as a guide, by 5 days. I had blood taken today, to see if they can pick anything up. I see my dr on Tuesday, so if AF is not here by then, at least I will get a scan. Good luck & Baby Dust.


Amysince70 - December 1

I see....So when you are very late after clomid....What are they scanning for? Cysts? All I know is that I have never had PMS this bad. A BFN and PMS is a very bad combo! :)


Boo b do - December 1

Hi Amy, I wish I knew. Clomid does dry up your CM. You need to take something to help that or I've read preseed can help. As the doctors have not scanned me since being on clomid I cannot tell why this has happened. In the UK, I have been told it is not normal practice to scan when taking clomid. I was however told that my cd21 blood test would pick up my progesterone levels and this has to be really high to cause cysts. Cysts I have read can make your AF late. As my levels have never been that high, I was told by the infertility clinic there was no need for a scan to confirm this. I expect I will have a scan when I see dr on tuesday anyway, as he will want to see why I have not had AF (if it does not arrive by then). Then I will be able to tell what is going on. I have been having quite a few symptoms of pg, but this last week I really thought AF was on her way with AF cramps everyday, but nothing as yet. My bb's this morning were so sore, more than any other day this past week. I have had three BFN's. I went for a HCG/Beta blood test today, waiting on the results next week. I may end up seeing my dr before the results come back from the hospital but either way it would be nice to know what is going on in there. Oh, I forgot to ask, are you in the USA? I've read that it is normal to have scans over there when taking clomid? Are you being montired with scans? I have also read on this forum that clomid can mess up AF's and ovulation for ladies who can normally ovulate by themselves, but don't quote me on that. Keep us informed, it would interesting to know what your dr says when you see him/her next.


Amysince70 - December 1

Yeah, I'm in the USA. They won't put me on clomid again until they do an ultrasound and they did one before my first round as well. My progesterone at day 21 last month was 23 and then at day 28 it was 16 so I think I'm ok there. I just didn't feel fertile when I was on clomid...I'm thinking of trying another IUI without the clomid this time. I have a strange feeling that the clomid was hurting more than helping.


leahb5 - December 2

hi amy. i have not concieved yet. we have been trying for just over 2years. femara is actually a breast cancer drug now used for fertility because it is an estrogen blocker like clomid so it makes your body think it doesnt have enough so it over produces it making more eggs as a result. femara is the same but i was told it goes through a different mechanisim in your body so it doesnt give you as many side effects. with me on clomid i had terrible pms and hot flashes and horrible depression, which is sooo not like me. now on femara i felt completely normal. and had ewcm, but it too extended my cycles. i'm going in jan for injectables and iui i have never done either so i'm excited! my prog. levels one clomid cycle got up to 54! i thought i was preggo what a let down. it must of ended up being a cyst. oh well i'm not on any drugs for this month so maybe i'll get the one thing i want for christmas, seeing how christmas day will be cd28 soo we'll see!!! please let me know how you are doing.


Amysince70 - December 2

Leah- Wow, I too would have been excited with a progesterone level like that. I'm curious about the injectables...Is it a daily injection? Is the success rate better than with clomid? We have been trying for 17 months. We tried one IUI and then and IUI with clomid. We recently found out it was my husband's guys that were the problem so we are going to try one last time before IVF. I just got my period today so begin the rollercoaster! Which by the way, (sorry if TMI) but it just started about 2 hours ago and it's already very clotty and painful. Did the same thing happen with you? Are you taking a break this month before the injectables? I have read that Femara works directly on the ovaries vs the pituitary gland which would explain less side effects. I had horrible PMS with a very severe especially. Ahhh...But time to start all over agin. Let me know how you are doing!


leahb5 - December 2

hey amy i'm so glad i found someone i can finally relate to! i started af on tues morn. and felt so bad yesterday. i'm a hairstylist and it feels like everyone i know is preggo or knows someone who is. but we can get through this!! yes i had the same on clomid very clotty and a lot of blood and sharp pains. it will go away in a couple of hours. well we are taking a break from drugs over the holidays. last mo was my first mo without anything in 6mo. i had a pretty normal cycle,, nothing real exciting. you should ask about the injectables, i think its just one step up. the monitor your cycle to measure your follicle sizes and when you have enough mature ones they tell you to give yourself a shot to make you o. then you get inseminated that next day. i'm going next wed. to get all my meds and a teaching so i'll let you know. how old are you if you dont mind me asking?


leahb5 - December 2

also how many days was your cycle this mo? did they ever find anything wrong with you? we were put not into the "unexplained infertility" catagory. because everything on paper and inside of both of us is great! how irritating!


ROBYN - December 2

Hi Amy miss talking to you!! Anyway 6 days left till I test for the Beta I cant stand waiting anymore. We did a progesterone check on Thursday morning which was 6 days past transfer and I had good levels I was 36 they said they would have been happy at 15 so all that means that my lining looks good if implantation occurs or occurred. Still doing the awful progesterone shots I hate them so much. Oh one of the girls on the IVF thread just completed her 1st cycle like a week before me and got her BFP yesterday so thats some positive news. I am trying to stay positive its very difficult. I had cramping up until yesterday then it pretty much subsided. Now i have been getting a little lite headed for the past 2 days. Who knows you cant read into anything. I just want to know already so I can be excited or move on to the next cycle. Anyway as for the Clomid I agree with the girls I think you shouldve started with the 50mg. But I do have a question if your hubby has the male factor issue how would Clomid increase your conceiving chances I would think the IUI again might be more of chance or like you have been saying that IVF with ICSI/AH maybe would be the better shot because they can pickout his good swimmers and put them with your egg (: Anyway keep in touch hope talk with you soon on our IVF thread <<HUGS>>


Sweetpea - December 2

I had the same cyst (corpus luteum cyst). They're pretty common I've been told. This is my first month without any meds for awhile also. Clomid makes my cycles abou 29 days or sowith me o'ing somewhere between 12-15 and a 15 day luteal phase. This month I seem to have O'd on my own but my temps are pretty low, I'm guessing my estrogen is low? Boo b do-Do you temp or use ovulation test kits? That would really help you know when you o and when af should show.



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