clomid anyone cd3-7? side effects?
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jenbuttler - September 8

I'm starting round two Clomid, 100mg, tomorrow is cd3. I have heard many different things - robitussun vs. mucinex, aspirin. I didn't have any luck last time, but I also did not use anything. I took the clomid at night to avoid any side effects - 8:00 was go time. However, I swear that the reason I'm not pg is because I got stuck in traffic on cd 9 and could not take it until about 9:30. (Dr. had me on 5-9 last round, we are trying 3-7 this time.) Seems to think that 3-7 will produce more follicles, I was wondering if anyone had advice or experience taking Clomid on cycle day 3, or if the side effects are worse if I take it in the morning (no traffic... ha ha ha). Anything advice on what I could take with clomid too?


tibby - September 8

I have took 50mg at cd4-8, and now taking 100mg on cd1-5. Only side effect I have is hot flashes. I'm not sure what you can take with it but will like to know my self.


hoping - September 8

The Today Show confirmed that grapefruit juice increases drug effectiveness this week - it can make it twice as effective! The article is probably on their site (what foods help or hurts meds). Sorry, I haven't done Clomid yet (soon though!). Good luck!!


J.D. - September 8

Hey I took clomid 150mg,on cd 3-7.The side effects I had with it were hot flashes,dizziness,mood swings,and depression.I tried taking it in the morning and at night,and it did make me "O" but I took it for 6 months and didn't conceive.But everyones body is different. My doc didn't tell me what I could take or what I couldn't take.Great doc huh?That's why I start seeing a new doc next month.Good luck and lots of baby dust!



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