clomid and u/s
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tanner789 - October 20

today i had my f/u with my dr. last month was my 1st month of clomid, and was unsuccessful. they upped me to 100mg days 5-9. next fri which will be day 14 they are doing an u/s can you please tell me what they are looking for i know he said he's looking for a follicle sized at about 2.5 cm, but what is a follicle the egg? this is so confusing, and this is my 1st u/s on this med. they also said if this month doesnt work they are going to do clomid with an injection of fsh, does this sound familair to anyone, please help


isa - October 20

u/s doing clomid is a must as there are so many side effects it can prevent a lot of troubles if they can see what is happening. it checks the lining and the follie size.The follie (follicle) is what holds an egg. Not every follicle has an egg. Egg and follicles are not the same thing. Clomid's main side effect is thinning of the lining. If your lining is too thin you cannot hold a pregnancy even if you fertilize. That said, if its too thin, they can give you estrace (estrogen) to help thicken your lining. I tried 100mg first with with clomid, it thinned my lining too much he had to give me estrace. It made my lining thin but still not pg. 2nd cycle dropped clomid to 50mg but same thing happened had to give me estrace for thin lining, it helped it out but still not pg. Both moths I was also on injections. fsh is follicle stimulating hormone. It is a hormone we naturally have and if it gets too high you hit menopause. They check it on cd3. Most RE;s want it under 10.Above 10 means you have reduced egg quality and quantity but thats a whole other story. There is also fsh injection drugs to help eggs grow. I copied this over for you " hMG (Pergonal, Repronal, Metrodin) is a menotropin that contains FSH and LH or human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). It is one of the potent ovulation drugs now in use and is often used in assisted reproductive techniques. It may be effective in stimulating fertility in women with ovarian dysfunction, endometriosis, and unexplained infertility. A series of injections of hMG is administered two or three days after the period starts. Injections are usually given for seven to 12 days, but the time may be extended if ovulation does not occur. In such cases, an injection of hCG may trigger ovulation.

FSH. FSH stimulates the follicles directly and may be used with hCG to produce the LH and FSH surges that trigger ovulation. FSH is typically used alone for women who have taken clomiphene and failed. Such women often have polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is characterized by high LH and low FSH levels. Until recently the standard FSH agent has been urofollitropin (Metrodin, Fertinex), which like hMG is a menotropin extracted from the urine of postmenopausal women. Recombinant follicle-stimulating hormone (Puregon, Gonal-F, Follistim) is now available. This is a genetically developed form of the natural FSH, which has no risk for contaminants from urinary proteins or any traces of LH." from website


isa - October 20

in that website take out the hyphens but leave the underscores and it should work. Oh by the way when doc says he is looking for follicles of a certain size it is for maturity of the follicle so that they know when to give you the trigger shot to release the egg from the follice. 2.5cm or 25mm sounds too high for what I know. Most will release them before they are that size. fter the hCG injection, any follicle of a certain size or larger will release its egg. Ovulation is complete.
Side effects include cramping or hyperstimulation. Since pregnancy tests work by detecting hCG in blood or urine, you may have a false positive result if you test within 12 days of an hCG injection. ultrasounds will also make sure you dont have too many eggs b/c it will up your risk of multiples which is risky to the mother and increase chance of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) a not nice side effect of too many eggs &/or too high estrogen. It can be deadly if its severe and not treated. I've had it but didnt need hospitalization. Its not fun to have. U/s therefore is very very important when doing fertility meds. good luck. hope i helped


tanner789 - October 20

thank you isa for your input it has helped, i'm glad i'm on thr right track now will wait for next fri to see what the u/s shows....


isa - October 20

no probs hope it goes better than mine did!!



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