Clomid and Thyroid problems..
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littlemiss - April 13

Hello ladies, i was trying for a baby for 9 months when i found out i had hypothyroidism, im desperate to get pregnant again (i have two little girls concieved naturally), and i wanted to know if anyone has concieved after being diagnosed? this is the first month my thyroid levels have been at the correct level, and ive only had two regular periods.... im waiting for the next one to see if im actually ovulating and then hope to use clomid in june to get pregnant if im not anyone in a simular situation? Baby dust and good luck x~x~x~


gracie - April 14

I am a hypo and am currently 25 weeks pregnant. My doctor believed I became hypo after the stress of my first baby put on my body. Once the thyroid was handled we concieved about 4 months later. Good luck!


littlemiss - April 14

hi gracie, congratulations on your baby! how are you finding your pregnancy with hypo?do you have to get your bloods checked frequently? was it easy to get pregnant or did you use clomid? did you have to contact your doctor as soon as you knew you were pregnant? im sorry for all the questions, your the first person i have chatted to with hypo and pregnant! i was told i got hypo from my last pregnancy too, how did you find out about your thyroid?
hope to chat to you soon!



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