clomid and spotting
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slb - April 23

I was on clomid this month second round, started period last month on day 31. This month i have slight spotting and pink discharge on day 31 (now day 35) and nothing since. I have tender sore breasts, headache constantly, always tired, and cramps off and on. But today negative pregnancy test, what do you gals think is going on???? help.


shan - April 23

I am on third round of clomid and am experiencing something similar. I had brown spotting (very light) on cd 26, 27, 29 and some again on cd 31. Af usually arrives on cd 28 or cd 30. I have been dizzy, sore bbs, and have tight abdomen. My doctor even said to do blood test Monday if no AF. I couldn't wait and did test today and it was neg. I was very disappointed as ttc for almost two years. I am not sure why this is happening. However, some people tell me to retest in a week. Not very hopeful though. Perhaps it is stress. I am not sure about you but I know that I am getting obsessed with baby making since I want one so badly. Maybe if I could relax things would work out but I am not sure how to relax and not worry about it. Any suggestions?


sam - April 28

hello i also had spotting a couple of weeks ago and head ache,camps,feeling sick.but i was not pregant but how ever u may be different so do a preg test in a few days if it comes bk neg then go to your gp and explain i wish u the best of luck



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