Clomid and side effects
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tiff - June 12

Hello every one,
I will be starting clomid this month and I m just wondering if any of you who took it, had any severe side effects like kidney problems and...? do u know if there is a possiblity that it might work the first time u take it??? please share your experiences.
Thanks Tiff


KitCat - June 12

Yes it will work the first time you take it. However the stronger the dosage the better your chances are.


slowpoke01 - June 12

i just took clomid at the beginning of the month so far the only side effect that i have had was that it made me really tired and yes your chances of getting pregnant the first time are good clomid will actually increase your chances of getting pregnant


ColleenD - June 12

I started clomid (50) at the beginning of the month. My side effects were just bloating and feeling a little on edge. There is a good chance of getting pregnant the first time. A lot of people have success in the first 3 months. My dr. said that I responded perfectly on the 50. My follies were 19 and 16mm. They had me wait a day and a half and then gave me the trigger shot. Slowpoke-You're tired too? I didn't even think of that being side affect. Good Luck too all****


KitCat - June 12

Maybe I should've said it MAY work the first month you use it. June will be my third month on 100mg of clomid. No success with me yet. Some side effects that were the worst for me were hot flashes, headaches and bitchiness (more than usual hubby said, lol)


ColleenD - June 12

Hey KitCat! What CD are you on? I'm on CD19 - 3dpo. Good Luck! I hope this is your month!!


LCJ - June 14

Hi, I've just started my 3rd round of clomid, 1st 2 were on 50 so now on 100.
The first mth I had terrible hot flashes and mood swings but last mth was fine?
I'm CD10 today. Been TTC for 13 mths!


Neuza - June 14

Hi, I am on my 3rd round of clomid (100mg) & so far no major side effects. I feel a bite tired & nauseas but nothing i can't cope. I wish u all the best!!!


BabyFever - June 17

Hi! I'm on cd 13 and I took clomid (50 mg 5-9) this month for the first time and I had NO side effects, which makes me wonder if its working. Had an u/s yesterday and had only one mature follicle, it was only like 15mm. I've read somewhere how fast they grow but I can't remember, so maybe it will grow 5-7 mm in a couple of days. Have ya'll heard of other women who could not even tell they were taking it? At least if I had had side effects I would feel like something is happening, which I'm sure is not true. Would love to hear input and advise.


slowpoke01 - June 18

yeah i was really tired while i was taking clomid i am on cd17 i ovulated on thursday and had iui on friday so i will let you know how that goes in 2 weeks but while i was ovulating i cramped so bad like worse than af cramps and i had never done that dr said it was a good sign and that i probably released more than 1 egg they didnt do trigger shot on me because i live so far away they didnt want me to be driving back and forth that much unless it was necessary but i was so tired oh and certain smells would make me throw up or gag like i was pregnant dh said are you sure the pills didnt make you all that stopped after i took the last pill


Citrine - June 19

Hi - I'm not on Clomid, but am wondering if any of you can tell me what that is supposed to do for you, wondering if it is something I should look into.


pinky - June 19

I took 100mg clomid for two months and last month my RE checked my lining on ultrasound 4mm!!..It's too thin and RE said it's common side effect from clomid!!!...So, watch it if you are taking it. Good luck...


Kayanna - June 19

hello everyone i have a question as well..this is my first month taking fertomid 50 after ttc for 2 years. anywho I felt some nausea one morning but now im cramping and my lower back hurts im just curious to whats going on and why the nausea stopped(not that i miss it) and if i was preg and am now not. any other newbies or people with experience i could definately use a buddy or 2. thanks in advance for your help.


slowpoke01 - June 19

citrine clomid is prescribed to help you ovulate if your not ovulating on your own and it increases your chances of getting pregnant the reason i had to take it was because my progesterone was lower than the dr liked to see it my progesterone was 12 which showed i ovulated on my own but they like to see it over 15 . 10 and under is not good at all it means you didnt ovulate


kclarkadpi - July 1

Major hot flashes!!!! Woke up sweating crazily at night, kicking off covers. And, got them during the day, too. Tapered off by ovulation, time, though. Good luck!


tiff - July 1

I haven't felt any thing really thanks god. today I m on cycle day 17 and using the ovulation monitor and we ll see what's gonna happen, the thing is my Dr didn't ask me to go for u/s or any thing.. I wonder why???



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