Clomid and Robitussin question
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Renee - February 21

I've heard/read that you can take Robitussin with Clomid to help with cervical fluid drying up. I was wondering if anyone who has tried this can tell me how much they take a day, and what days of your cycle you take this on. Thank you!


Laurie - February 22

Take 1 tablespoon twice a day. In the morning and in the evening. That's what I was told and I haven't had any problems with being dry.


ruby - March 10

hi laurie, do you mean taking robitussin (i believed you meant the cough syrup, right?) every day after the clomid cycle until the next period OR just taking the robitussin during the clomid cycle ?? i know i may be too specific but i really want to know. thanks


jb - March 10

i have taken it since the day i started on clomid i have not dried up yet and have had clear stretchy mucus at least 4 times this month i NEVER get it xx


Estee P - March 10

Renee, please read my post on Robitussin under "Signs of Pregnancy" category. The post is called "Alexis - how are you?" and my post is all the way down almost at the bottom (you'll see it under my name and it is VERY long). I've posted a whole article on Robitussin information, you'll find everything you need to know right there! Cheers.


Casey - April 8

I had a nurse suggest I take 1 ounce a day to help conceive. She suggested I take this everyday, all month.


Mucinex - April 9

Mucinex is better than Robitussin. You take it once a day during the week of ovulation.


tara-T - April 10

Estee P: I couldn't find your post. Can you copy and paste it again on this post?



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