Clomid and progesterone advice
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Laura - January 2

I have just started clomid for the firt time. Do you know if it is safe to take progesterone following ovulation? I am anxious for my first child as I am 36, had a miscarriiage and an ectopic (tubes still intact) and show no blockage from the dye test. Obviously unexplained fertility... is there any advice anyone can give me? Thanks!


Tracy - January 3

Laura, I have no answer on the progesterone question, but I am going to be 36 in a month and am also trying for my first child with clomid. I'd like to know what others have to say about that as well. I already took my first dose of Clomid and am about 6 days short of my expected period. My sister got PG on her second cycle with the drug and was our age when she conceived. I'd like to stay in touch to see how things progress...good luck!!!!!


Laura - January 3

Hi Tracy! I have heard a lot of different things regarding clomid such as hot flashes, stomach pains, headache and moodiness. I am on 50Mg and am on day 4 and no side effects. I am doing great on it, so much for hormone hell! I am not ready for another heartbreak, so I am hoping that the clomid and progesterone work. Good luck to you too, let me know how you are doing as well.


xprincessx - January 6

I went to the doctor as soon as I found out I was pregnant. She said everything looked good and sent me for blood work. The next morning I was bleeding. I made a appointment and told her what happened ,she said my levels were really low and that i miscarried again. So ,she gave me Prometrilum 200mg to take when we try again. I hope it works. Has this really worked for anyone else? This was my second miscarriage and I'm looking for answers why.


Laura - January 7

Hi there! I too am on premetrium and I take it after I ovulate just in case I don't produce enough progesterone on my own. I take it just to be safe because of my first miscarriage was due to low progesterone. xprincessx, how many miscarriages have you had? I have had two, both resulting in surgery. Are you doing okay? Sometimes, I think I am okay but other days I feel like crying and finally mourning my losses but I put on my strong front just to get me by!!!


bless4sho - January 8

hello everyone, i've been trying to get pregnant for about 3 years. i went to the dr. and in dec 2005 put me on clomid. today i had to do bloodwork to ck. progestone level. DOES CLOMID WORK EVEN IF U DONT HAVE A NORMAL PERIOD???


Laura - January 8

To bless4sho, how many days is your cyles? The last 3 periods I had after my surgery for ectopic, they were 20, 19 and 23. I am hoping to regulate my cycle on clomid, I heard that is what it does. I would like to know too, if that is the same thing others have heard too.


Tracy - January 8

Hey guys, it is cd28 for me, AF due date, and nothing yet. I have to go for another four days though before even getting remotely excited. I have been late before, and since this is my first month on clomid, I could very well have a longer cycle. For some people it is shorter and for some it is longer.


Laura - January 8

Hi Tracy! I wish you all the luck in the world, I will keep you in my prayers and my thoughts that this will be your month! Please let me know what happens! I am only on day 12 but am hoping that with the clomid this just might be my month too! I am takihg my prenatals/folic acid/baby asprin and having a couple of doses of robitusson to help with the cervica mucus. Please keep in touch! I want to hear news, good or not so good, just let me know how you are!



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