clomid and pains around 0
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Mindy - August 11

I am on clomid days 3-7 75 mg. Currently I am on cd 16. I had a spike in my temps on cd 10 but did not get a peak on my monitor or a positive opk till cd 15, and on 16 (today) I got another temp spike and I have terrible cramping that started right after my positives yesterday. I think I most likely o'd yesterday or early this morning. Did anyone else have pain that felt like when you run too much. I am just achy in that general area. Any thoughts???


KellyN - August 11

My temps were wierd around when I was taking the clomid, but a couple days after the last pill, I was back down to normal. I also had TERRIBLE cramps during o after clomid. I asked around about it too, and was told it has something to do with the number of follicles that are ovulating at the time. I had 5 big ones and 2 adequate ones. This is my first month on clomid. -kelly


Lena - August 11

I had 5 clomid cycles and felt a sharp pain at ovulation during 4 of the cycles.


jamie - August 12

I had terrible cramping and ended up with a bfp!!! good luck!!!



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