Clomid and Ovulation time
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woebketwin - November 6

Does anyone know if Clomid can alter when you ovulate? Does it tend to make you ovulate later or earlier?


salbo - November 6

Hi ive been on it for 2 months and my ovulation moved form day 12 to day 14 so not much different. DH and i BD every other day from day 7 to day 16 just in case.


Tenk - November 6

I started Clomid this cycle, and I got a +++ OPK on CD15, 16, and 17 then - OPK on CD 18. I hope that helps, I felt like I was never going to get a ++ OPK since they were - every day, and then there it was. GL


slowpoke01 - November 7

it made me ovulate 1 day later they say that you will ovulate like 5-9 days after your last pill


tk07 - November 7

it made mine a lot earlier, i wasn't ovulating until around days 20-26ish (irregular cycles) and this is my first month on clomid and i ovulated on cd14.
but i am glad it is earlier, it was too late before!


chandellina - November 7

for me it was earlier, day 13 instead of day 16 or so. i am on 50mg days 2-6. i read that O usually comes 6-9 days after your last pill. the strange thing for me is it made my luteal phase shorter by a day, to only 12 days (so my cycle was only 25 days - shortest ever) when i thought it was supposed to help boost progesterone and make your cycle longer. i start second round tonight so we'll see what this month brings.


tk07 - November 7

so clomid is supposed to make your luteal phase longer? that is good because mine was on the shorter side usually about 11 days. but i am going for a progesterone test in a few days so i will see for sure i suppose. good luck everyone!!


woebketwin - November 8

Thanks everyone for your input. I did not use OPK's or BBT this month, so I was just curious. I ovulate on my own and it is generally day 13 or 14. My DH has sperm issues and we are going to try IUI next month but we wanted to see how my ovaries responded to the Clomid first so that is why I took it this month. Best of luck to everyone!!


hapistuff - November 8

This is my first month on Clomid. And this morning I did my first shot of Ovidrel. Crossing my fingers and everything else that this will be the month.


slowpoke01 - November 8

the girls who have a short luteal phase i have read where wmen get an hcg trigger shot befor they ovulate and then they get a booster (hcg trigger shot) to help with short luteal phases. it may be something you may want to talk to your doctors about. good luck.



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