Clomid and ovulation problems
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MuzikGurl - March 22

How come when I took clomid first round last month I did so great on it...I ovulated on cycle day 16 after taking it on days 6-10 50mgs. I responded using BBT Chart. my temps. stayed up for 10days and then dropped and I had my period. Went back to the dr. to show him my chart and do a pg. test but, I was on my period day 4 at the time of my visit so, we knew I wasn't pg. He looked at my chart and said it was wonderfully done and I responded and gave me another round of 50mgs. of Clomid to take on days 6-10 and I should ovulate on cd14-15 but, my temps aren't showing it at all like last month. One day my temps could be in the low 98s and the next day low 97s I'm taking them at the same time and I'm sleeping the same hours why is this doing this??? I'm not cramping or feeling any different than usual. Last month I seriously was cramping horribly, headaches, pukey feeling, I was a mess and this month absolutely nothing. What's the deal?!?! any ideas?!??! thanks in advance!


bump - March 22



Shawna - March 22

Hi Muzikgurl, I've seen your name before and I know you have offered advice to others, but I'm not sure if I can help. I think clomid works differently for each person, but also each time you use it. I just finished my second round of clomid. Obviously I didn't get pg with the first, but things are different now than last time. During my first round, I had really bad headaches and ovary pain (started after my third pill). I was also really fatigued. I am pretty sure I ovulated, but I do not chart or use opks, so I am not positive. This time, no headaches, no ovary pains (yet), but I have been having horrible hot flashes. We have been ttc for almost a year (1 yr on April23) and I am so ready to have another child. Our first was "gift" that was completely unplanned, but cherished. Since being on bcp for 6 years, I was told I was not ovulating, so now I am at this point. I am praying this is our month and we will welcome our newest family member before the end of the year! Good luck to you too. I know this wasn't very useful, but it is nice knowing that someone is going through the same thing and cares enough to lend support! Take care.


Mega - March 22

What CD are you on now? It's possible that this will just be a late O cycle for you? I've taken Clomid 7 times now & each time I O on a different day. Usually it's been from CD 17 up to CD 22, this cycle though I O'd on CD 12 (I triggered for an IUI). Also, our bodies don't always respond to Clomid either. I had 1 failed cycle & the dr explained to me that Clomid works to trick your body & sometimes your body is smarter than the drug. Maybe next cycle 100 or 150 mgs would be better for you. Do I remember from other posts that you have PCOS? Sometimes we PCOS women get resistant to Clomid for some reason. I did become resistant myself so my dr felt Ovarian Drilling was an option for me & I'm back on Clomid and responded beautifully this cycle. I'm in my 2 WW now. Anyway, I hope this helps. Good luck, Muzikgurl!


MuzikGurl - March 23

Mega, today as of 3/23 I am on CD 18 and my temp today was 97.9 barely it seems. CD17 it was 97.5 and CD 16 it was 97.2 but my temps are high enough it seems for ovulation yet. I'm starting to worry I'm not gonna do good this month.=( I have no cramps or anything no side effects at all! my temps look all over the place and I'm afraid that if I don't ovulate this month I might not also get a period. And I don't wanna start all over with jump starting AF and then waiting to take clomid and charting and so sucks why is my body doing this to me?? any ideas what I should do?? I'm temped to call my dr. and tell him I'm not responding to this round of clomid but I'm afraid he might not wanna see me again or anything until I see him on my appt. on 4/7 as if it's no big deal just relax and see what happens. but as days go on with the same ol' routine and my body doing the same dang thing every day I'm feeling like I'm wasting time. I'm not stressing over anything major in my life so it couldn't be that. and I'm eating and doing the right things like I did last it's not that. I hate not knowing. Do you think maybe this month was just a dud for me and next month might be better?? Why is it that I responded to 50 mgs. one month and not the next?? Clomid is expensive. 50 mgs. was like 25 bucks and the 100mgs is 50 bucks and 150 is 75 bucks and 150 is 100 and 200 is 125 and 250 is 150 bucks...and if you add that up every month of refilling it can cost some major vacation money. My insurance doesn't pay for clomid but it pays for freakin birth control pills...?!??! Stupid! Well anyways, thanks shawna for responding your story was nice and did help me a little thinking maybe there could be some hope. and some hope is better than no hope. But, at least you got bless with one child I still haven't gotten that yet. I took bc off and on as a teen only to regulate my periods but, I got tired of the side effects...I didn't tell my dad about the bc pills and my dad found them by "accident" and he was so pissed off at me...I was 15 or 16 at the time and he thought I was having sex. It was so funny....he went to extreme lengths to call my dr. but they couldn't tell him, I went with him in person to my dr. at the time and said it was ok for him to tell my dr. with the bc is for and low and behold I was right. He then never under estimated me again. you should have seen his face it was so funny. lol. Well, anyways I'll keep you guys posted if you like...I have an opk scope I'm gonna take right now to see if anything comes up...I'll let you guys know later if it does. Hope for the best with the two of you and I'll pray for you guys. Take care and thanks for everything.


JENZEY - March 23

Muzikgurl, I'm finding out how expensive the Clomid is too. My 1st cycle last month I was prescribed 50 mg. I was under the impression that I just take the script to the drug store get my Clomid, pay my $15 copay & that's it. When I went to pick it up they told me my Ins. denied it, authorization required. I got all the authorizations from my ins. co. before I even started all this. I needed the pills that day so I just paid it. Then this month, cycle 2 my dr. increased my dosage to 100mg. Same thing, my Ins denied it. Now they are telling me I have to get my Clomid thru my prescription plan & they mail it to my house? I have to start my 2nd cycle tomorrow & I can't wait for them to mail it. So again, I'm just going to pay the fifty some dollars! It's so frustrating, as if trying to get pregnant isen't already frustrating enough. They sure don't make it easy for you! Good luck to you=}


Mega - March 23

Hi MuzikGurl, hi Jenzey. I hear ya on the cost. It really adds up. My ins. won't cover fertility drugs at all either, so I've been paying it out of pocket for 7 mos. now, I'm just hoping Clomid will do the trick though so I won't have to move on to the more costly injectibles. But what can we do?! I hope next cycle (if there is one--hopefully not) you can get your ins. to cover the script, Jenzey. Muzikgurl, I still think there's hope for Oing this cycle. If it hasn't happened yet, it still might, as I said I've O'ed as late as like CD22 before on Clomid. But I think your temps are trending upwards, just keep doing the BBT & see what happens. Maybe if you stil haven't O'ed by say early next week, then maybe your dr will have another suggestion for you. Hang in there!


MuzikGurl - March 24

Hey girls! I took an opk scope yesterday before I ate or drank anything and it looks good I mean I saw some ferning after my salvia dried. I guess that's a good thing. maybe there is hope. Today my temp is the same as yesterday 97.9 but I don't think it's accurate because I kinda sorta twisted the thermonitor in my mouth and I think that made it go up more than it really bad on my part..hehe. Guess I'm just hoping for a high temp and I was afraid of a drop again. One day I go up high the next I drop low and I think most of it is because I'm sleeping with my mouth open...I'm trying to keep my mouth open but I deep sleep and I don't have control over it. So that sux. I'm also having headaches today too haven't taken anything for it yet but, it's starting to feel like pounding a little bit. I hardly ever have headaches. And I'm a little bitchy too today than usual...but not too bad. Maybe mid cycle ovulation symptoms...???? hopefully. Work is getting to me too but hardly any more than a month ago. I didn't use the opk today because I forgot. DH and I bd'ed last night just incase. so far we are doing it every 2 days until I see a temp. jump high enough and stay up long enough to call it ovulation...which might be very soon, hopefully...with fingers crossed. Hope all is well with you guys and keep me in touch with everything. take care cause I care!


MuzikGurl - March 26

OK, don't know what happen to you girls but, maybe my post isn't important anymore to you. I'm on CD 20 or 21 now and I'm very disappointed my temps have dropped again. today I'm at 97.5 and still no cramping no bloating no anything. I had a small hot flash last night like I just couldn't get comfortable and come to think of it I went through this last month during ovulation but my temps were high last month and this month they are all over the place. I recently moved and I'm think that may have to do with it I was in the middle of my clomid taking when I was moving into a new place and I think maybe that has something to do with it...not quite sure though...I only moved down the street where I was at. mom is going through or has gone through menopause and I was living with her when I started the clomid and after I ovulated I dropped down and had my period low and behold so did she like a day or two after I started and on the 4th day of my cycle I went to the dr. and he gave me another round of clomid 50 mgs. to take on day 6-10 during that time I was packing and moving stuff and I think the extra lifting or moving around, ie; excerise maybe messed me up cause the month before I wasn't hardly doing any major lifting or excerise in fact during that time I was only sitting at home ie; parents house, watching talk shows. maybe go for a walk or something but that's it. So, do you think maybe the reason why I'm not ovulating this month is because I moved??? or has anything to do with it??? any ideas is helpful. thanks in advance!=)=


bump - March 28

bump bump


MuzikGurl - March 29

what happened to everyone???? ok, u post one time then disappear....this sux.=((((((



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