clomid and ovulation predictor tests
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Renee - February 11

Does anyone who takes clomid use ovulation predictor tests? If so, do they seem to work at indicating when ovulation is happening?


Renee - February 12

Has anyone tried this?


Sonya - February 12

No, I did not use opt. My Dr. monitored my impending ovulation with ultrasound and then when my ovaries were at the right size I was given an hcg shot to trigger ovulation. I then had iui within 24-36 hours. It worked the second time.


tryin4baby - February 12

I was given the hcg shot as well and my dr. monitored me with ultrasounds and blood work to tell me when it was time to take the shot and then I was suppose to have the IUI done but didn't last cycle.


Renee - February 12

What is an iui? I'm not getting hcg shots either. Is this normal?


tryin4baby - February 13

An IUI is Intrauterine Insemination. They inject the sperm in you to bypass the long journey to the egg. Between this forum and another I have found out that not everyone gets the HCG shot with clomid. I am not sure why though.


k - February 13

I use one. I'm on my 3rd round of Clomid, m/c with first round. The opt has really helped. I use the clearblue digital.


jk - February 15

I was on it for 5 month, and would highly recommend using predictor tests. Good luck.


Marie - February 21

I am glad I found this... I had a hcg shot after taking clomid this cycle. I have been monitoring my bbt but noticed that my temperature did not rise after the hcg shot or the IUI (following the HCG shot). Is there another alternative to the HCG shot to trigger ovulation?


Jen - February 22

I have also used the ovulation predictor kits with clomid. I did my first ultrasound series last month & the timing from the u/s and the predictor kit were in sync. This will be my first month of using the hCG shot.


sorry - February 25

do u ovulate around day 14 when yr on clomid or earlier doc never told me this info xx


tryin4baby - February 25

i don't think that clomid makes you o at any certain time. i think that it just makes your body produce the eggs if you don't naturally and helps them mature. i o'd on day 10 with clomid. i usually o early anyway. everyone is different and responds differently to medication. try using the opk's. this way you can detect the surge.


Hoping2GetPreg - March 9

I took clomid this montha and went to the doc 4 ultrasound..When she sow the egg, she prescribed the injection the same day she did the ultra sound. Pregnyl injection, I guess it is an HCG shot!! Then the following day for the IUI... My doc neveer mentioned using any ovulation predictor tests....Do not know why..


pj - March 9

i 've taken clomid for the first time this cycle, i had my hcg shot on the 12th day of my cycle an i was told i would ovulate on the 14th day still so your ovulation day shouldn't be any diffrent than if you wans't taking any medication at all.


Robyn - March 23

I am on clomid and I use a monitor and the ovulation strips. It seems to work./ I just got an hcg shot and on clomid. I'm crossing my fingers.


owyy - March 27

Hi girls, this is my first time on the discussion board. I'm also a clomid candidate. I'm on my 3rd cycle 100mg cd 3-7 and nothing has happened yet, today is my "ovulation day" but I'm noticing no changes in my CM, it keeps being creamy so I'm kind of lost, also my OBGYN has not mention any monitoring or shots to help me with conception, is very frustrating. Regarding the OPKs I've used a couple but still did't fall pg. Any suggestions? please write me at [email protected] Txs and much baby dust to you all:)


Dani - June 22

Yes I use them. I use the digital one with the smiley face. I ovulated one month really good 28.5 and the OPK worked. I got the smiley face on that day. Good luck.



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