Clomid and Ovulation
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ema52 - November 27

Hi everyone. I was hoping to hear from all clomid takers, what CD do you ovulate? Or how soon after finishing Clomid do you ovulate? This is my 2nd round of Clomid, CD3-7 on 50mg. My doctor told me to start Bding six days after Clomid and a few days later. I just wanted to hear from everyone else.


tonyaandjoe - November 27

I AM ON MY 2 ROUND OF CLOMID.mine didn't actually tell me when.


Beks37 - November 28

This is my 7th round of clomid. My o varies from month to month. I'm not sure the first 2months, but I started temping and I o'd on cd16, 20, 17, 15. I also take 50 mg on cd3-7. My doctor never really told me anything. I have done lots of research-on all this clomid stuff the last several months though. ema52-do you temp??


ema52 - November 28

No I don't temp. How does temping work?


MollieJo - November 29

I've taken 4 rounds of Clomid 50mg cd3-7 and I got a positive OPK on cd16 everytime like clockwork. Without the clomid I do not even have a cycle ( I use to get a period maybe once or twice a year). I found out on my third cycle that I do no make any progesterone. My day 21 was 1.5! So on my 4th I took 100mg Prometrium from cd5 until I get AF. I am taking a break this month b/c my husband and I are trying to adopt locally. Adoption is not any easier than TTC unfortunately. I was hoping to get off this damn emotional rollarcoaster but it's just intensified. I think I will go back to the Clomid after the holidays.


tk07 - November 29

hi! this is just my 2nd month but last month i O on cd14. my Dr said to start the OPK on cd10 and i go in for a scan on cd12 to see how the follicles are growing, today is my scan for this month and i hope it is good news! i temp and it makes it a lot easier to pinpoint my exact O day so i know when it doesn't make a difference to bd anymore or to keep bding!!!
when you temp you take your temperature first thing when you wake up before you do anything else, i think the actual bbt thermometers are more accurate (i have been temping for 9-10 months) but make sure to get digital ones. then you chart your temps and before you O your temp should be on the lower side then after you O it should show a temp shift up. but if you go to they have all the info and you can chart there for free.
good luck!!!!!!!!!!


hem - November 29

This is my first month on clomid & i took clomid 50 mg from cd 5 to 9 and i ovulated on cycle day 21


tk07 - November 29

my scan went ok, i had one larger follicle at 23x17 so my cycle is a little slower this month. and he said if i get my period to call so we can plan my next cycle. it sounds like if it doesn't happen this time we are going to do some tweaking. i hope it happens this time :)
what cycle day are you on hem?


chandellina - November 29

hi ema, i don't think you are going to get a definitive answer! i heard you usually o 6-8 days after the last pill. i have taken clomid 50mg for two months on cd2-6. the first cycle i think i o'd cd13 (no positive opk but v. large follicles day 12 and temps rose) and this month it was cd16 after having a hcg shot. good luck!


hem - November 29

hi tk01, i am on cd 27 now and i seem to have ovulated on cd 19 and not on 21st as i earlier said. I think i miscalculated due to a temp fall on cd 21. what is all this follicle calc and measurement about ? I have just started infertility treatment for anovulation and this is my 1st month on clomid.


tk07 - November 29

did your dr. do an ultrasound to check your progress or a progesterone test about 7 days after ovulation? the follicle size is basically bigger is better because that means that you have an egg that will be released soon. so i just have one this month, last month i had 2.
he said i should be getting the u/s to make sure my uterus lining doesn't get too thin (which clomid can do) and to make sure the clomid is working properly. and the progesterone is to make sure that i did in fact O and to make sure the level is high enough.
so you are roughly 8dpo then? good luck to you, i hope this is your month!


tonyaandjoe - November 30

how high doeas your progesterone level has to buy before they detect a pregnancy.


tonyaandjoe - November 30

sorry about my typos


tk07 - November 30

well i don't know! but when they test progesterone they are looking to see if your level went high enough to sustain a pregnancy and it is another way just to verify if you ovulated. i thought i had read that it should be atleast 15...... i don't know for sure though, i never asked my level, he just said it was perfect. so i had a perfect 28 day cycle and still no baby!
it is so frustrating. i am trying to stay positive though!


hem - November 30

tk07, just don know abt all these. My doctor gave clomid for 2 months. Clomid 50 mg - 5 tablets for this month and 10 tablets next month and she gave me an appt in january, so that i can get another shot if i don concieve within dec. She anyway told me to monitor my temps. Thats all that she told. May be she thinks that an ultrasound is not necessary for me. i don know ??? Anyway hope everything works my way. Thanks for your wishes. I hope something happens this month and am just keeping my fingers crossed. Do people concieve on their first shot of clomid ? I am just worried and confused and am trying to be stable. thx again


Boo b do - November 30

Hem, the 10 tablets, you are taking them 2 a day from next cycle? I am on a 100mg now, was on 50 and did not ovulate. I am 4/5 days late for AF at the moment, but have heard clomid can upset your cycles. This one is a lot longer than the last five on clomid. My cycle were 24 days long, exactly every month. Then on clomid it went up to 31 days, the four previous to that all in late twenties. Now I am currently on CD day 36?? don't know what is going on, have tested BFN's but am due to see dr on Tuesday 5th Dec if AF does not show by then to see what is going on in there. Baby Dust to all of you.


slowpoke01 - November 30

progesterone level for a medicated cycle they like to see at least 20 or over for non medicated they like to see 10-15. with clomid mine was always 23-28 without it was12. i usually ovualte on day 14 because they give me the hcg trigger shot to make me ovulate because my follicles are 18-20+ in size. ultrasounds are very important while taking clomid so that they can monitor for cysts and to check uterine lining and the size of the follicles if you are not getting follicle monitoring then i would suggest that you talk to your doc about this and have it done. good luck.



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