Clomid and Ovulation
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AmaSmith - May 21

I'm just curious to know what days anyone has ovulated while using Clomid. I am currently on CD15 and haven't detected and (OPK) LH surge yet. I'm on my first round of clomid 50mg. What cycle of clomid are you on? What dosage? What day did you ovulate?



Tracy88 - May 21

I did clomid for three months, here is the rundown:First cycle, 50 mg days 5-9, ovulated on cd15, day21 progesterone level of baby. Second cycle, days 5-9, ovulated on cd 16, day 21 level of baby. Third cycle, days 5-9, ovulated on cd 16 or 17 , day 21 level of baby. Cycle #4 the doc was going to have me take it days 1-5, but I needed a break. I normally ovulate on cd12, so I did ovulate later while on clomid. I remember one of the cycles on clomid, getting worried because I had not seen an LH surge yet and it was cd15....needless to say I saw a surge within a day or two of that. Good luck.


Tracy88 - May 21

Oops...I meant to say that the third cycle I also took 100 mgs.


AmaSmith - May 24



hballen - May 24

I started my 1st round this month day 5-9, O on cd13 and 14 (detected by Clearblue Monitor) waiting now to see what happens! Good Luck


hballen - May 24

Forgot to tell you I am on 50mg


slowpoke01 - May 24

i will start my first round of clomid next month and they told me to take it on days 3-7


wannabeamom - May 24

Your doctor may tell you cd 3-7, 4-8 or 5-9. And just because you are taking clomid doesn't mean you will ovulate. I did not ovulate until 100 mg of clomid and it was on cd15 all 3 times. I hope you had an hsg test done. If your tubes are blocked then clomid will not help you. Make sure your doctor does ultrasound to check your ovaries while on clomid. I ended up with an 8 centimeter cyst on my right ovary. Now I have to wait until the cyst goes away. I still clomid is a great drug and the positives outweigh the negatives. Goodluck girls!


liendy - May 25

hello there! i used clomid for almost two months but nothing happens. I was with my doctor for almost every week but now i stop. But dont worry who knows it works to you. Im still hoping to have a baby but unfortunetely it didnot happen. So, i just wait. As of now i stop taking clomid and seeing my gyn. I just enjoy my time with my hubby and work. So, goodluck........i hiope that you can make it.


AmaSmith - May 25

I thought possibly that I had Oed on CD18. My temperature droped that day thenthe next day it went up. Today though, it droped again. I ran out of OPKs and didn't get anymore thinking I was Oing on CD18. I had some pains CD18 so I thought for sure I Oed. Then today I have some more pains. Today they are more like AFish pains. On CD18the pains were sharp and very painful. Not sure what is going on now ... just waiting.


Alyssa1 - May 26

I just finished my first cycle with clomid, 100 mg on days 3 thru 7 I produced 3 size 22 mm folicles and got my LH surge on day 14 of my cycle. I'm doing IUI so since my surge had started the day I went to the doctors they gave me a trigger shot.



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