clomid and ovidrel anyone???
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Rosie - June 23

Hey. Been going to an RE for a couple of months. I am small so he put me on 25mg of clomid for five days. Had one good follicle and two smaller during ultrasound. told me to go get Ovidrel injection and take it that night (no pharmacies had it so i am going to get it today, waiting for nurse to call). Will this make all those follicles mature and release or just the bigger one? Does this increase my chance of multiples even more than clomid? Any answers or people going through this? I am then supposed to take prometrium vaginally 3 days after ovulation for 12 days.


KIM - June 23

I ALSO WAS ON CLOMID 150MG And took an Ovidril shot. I did ovulate that month for the first time in 1 year! I was so excited but unfortunately did not get pregnant that month. I am starting on progestone shots next month. Yes, it increases your chances of twins but by only 10%


Rosie - June 23

I got a positive opk today, so I guess I am not going to take the shot. I will just try sex tonight and tomorrow night then start the progesterone pills. My RE wanted to do insemination, but we decided to put that off another month or two bc his count and motility are fine and everything on me looks ok. Who knows what the problem is????? Just glad a had a surge and am going to ovulate. Just bc you have three follicles, does that mean you will release three eggs?



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