Clomid and opk's, OPK's to test for pg?!?
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waitinforalittleone - April 16

On second round of clomid and did opk's this month and first day I tested it said I was ovulating - day 10- I was wondering if clomid would just make it do that or if I was ovulating- also i have read that you could use opk's for pg test and did today and there were 2 lines- sign of clomid or pg? I used first monrning urine to test! help please!!


babyloves2play - April 17

From what I've read you can use opks to pick up hcg but you should use an hpt. On the opk your line would have to be as dark or darker than the control line for a few days before I would think you might be pregnant. Lh can fluctuate throughout the month so the opk could be picking up Lh. How many days past ovulation are you? Do an hpt to get a more reliable answer.



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