clomid and O pain
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Ashleyg - January 17

i was wondering if anyone had really bad cramping around O time while on clomid? this was my first cycle of clomid, days 5-9 and i just got my first +OPK cd 18 and today, i woke up with some pretty bad cramps and backache...anyone else in the same boat? is it a good sign?


Kelly - January 17

I also had severe cramping with ovulation. My first cycle using Clomid as well days 3-7. I also had a positive opk on cd 18. I am now on cd 21.
I posted a question on another thread that you are on. Are you doing BBT and have you noticed some odd temps?


Kelly - January 17

Sorry, I see you did post to me on the other thread, thanks!!!


Ashleyg - January 17

no problem! i hope the pain is a good sign!



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