clomid and metformin together?
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Andri20 - August 30

Anyone with success stories using Clomid and Metformin together?
Hi, I am on clomid50 mg cd3-7 2 months and i ovulated once but i still am not pg. saw the doc today and she prescribed metformin 500mg 2times a day. I am going to start my next cycle of clomid about sunday. hopefully clomid50mg and metformin500mg work together and i get pregnant.
Babydust to all ttc...


Heather - August 30

Hi Andri! I am currently on Met 2000 mg daily and finished my 1st round of Clomid last week at 50mg. 3 years ago I got pregnant on Met alone after being on it for only 6 weeks. I had a successful pregnancy. Now I'm trying for round 2 and Met only wasn't working for me so I tried Clomid. I'm on cd15 today & don't think I've ovulated yet but I'm trying to stay hopeful. Good luck!!!! =)



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