Clomid and Injectibles Question.
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AngieG - April 15

Ladies, I have a question. This was my 1st medicated IUI cycle. I was on 50mg Clomid on CD3-7. I ovulate on my own usually so the goal was to produce multiple follicles due to a male issue. Today on CD12 I went in to get an u/s done and I had only one mature follicle as in other unmedicated cycle. My RE also told me the follicle size was much bigger than what it should be at this point, and this follicle is not a healthy, normal egg. Then he cancelled IUI. He suggested that I should use injectibles in conjunction with IUI from next cycle. And now I am confused. Although he told me that my body does not respond well to Clomid, are there any chance for me that the increased dose of Clomid could produce multiple follicles? It seems to me that we could try the increased dose for a couple more cycles. What do you think, ladies?


JB0405 - April 15

Hi Angie,
I am not dealing with IUI BUT I had 4 follicles and now I have a big dominant one... I have ovulation issues so I had to take clomid, I had 2 shots of HCG and lots of sex...LOL! Now I have to wait, if af doesn't come by friday then I will have to test but anyway back to you... I don't see why you couldn't increase dosage... keep me posted... GOOD LUCK!


TL - April 17

Hi Angie. I just had my 10 day U/S done today and I also took Clomid cd 3-7. 50mg.
I was shocked to find out I have 3 follicles on left and 4 on right with like 3 of them being 'dominant' already. I have to go back in two days because they should be ready. 18-20 mm is when they are ready to be fertilized. We have male issues too and are doing IUI treatment.
Maybe you should try the injectibles if the Clomid did not work properly for you. I am sorry to hear that.
Sending baby dust your way for next cycle.


Ann1 - April 17

Angie, how big is your follicle? I took 50mg clomid for several cycles, and one time I only had one follicle (other times ranged from 2-4. An increase in the clomid dose can stimulate your follicles more, but the injectibles are supposed go increase the chances of pg even more. Also for most people, injectibles have fewer side effects. Good luck!


AngieG - April 17

Thanks, ladies. Yes, I am sad. I don't understand why Clomid didnot work on me. And I still don't understand why my RE thought I would be better off with injectible just after one failed cycle. I have made an appointment with my OB/GYN so he should be able to give me a second opinion on this.


AngieG - April 17

Ann1, I have a question for you. You said there was one time you had only one follicle. Is this the first cycle or in the middle of cycles youhad more than one?


Ann1 - April 18

Angie, it was in the middle of my clomid tries when I only got one follie. Have you had all of your cd3 blood work done? If so, what was your fsh and did you do the clomid challenge test to retest the fsh at cd10? I am asking because, if your fsh is off, you can not respond well to stimulation meds. How old are you, if you don't mind my asking?



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