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tanner789 - December 21

ok so i'm a lil confused i had my dr appt today and found out my bw is great, my hsg was good, and hubbies sperm is perfect. we had alot of options to choose from today starting with doing a laproscopy, plain clomid 150mg, clomid 100mg with injectables, terazol, or ivf. the dr was concerned on going to agressive with plain injectables b/c she said the chance for multiple birth increases and she didnt want us to have kids with health issues if we dont have to take that step yet of injectables everyday. so we chose to go with clomid and injectables. has anyoen on here every tried this? my fertility spec sounded very positive, but i have no clue on what to expect as far as side effects and how busy will i be with getting bw and u/s done frequently. my instruction sheet says you may have to have them once to every 2 days, thats crazy, but i am willing to do what it takes. i have tried plain clomid 100mg in the past and my follies were very underdeveloped, so is it likely i willl see a difference with the injectables? back to my instrauction sheet this is the oncfusingpart it says you start clomid cycle days 3-7 on cd 8 you go in for u/s estradiol bw, afetr the results ocme in they will call you and instruct you on when to start the shots, then i will return every 1-2 days for more bw and u/s and until my follies are mature enough i will stop my gonadotropin med and take my hcg (ovidrel). now is the ovidrel my shot med, or is the gonadotropin? she gave me scripts only for clomid and ovidrel thats the confusing part. if anyoen has gone through ovualtion induction please help, i could use some freindly support along the way.


Mega - December 21

Hi Tanner. Ovidrel is the HCG trigger shot they'll use once your follies have matured, typically 18-20 mm +. Most likely the nurse will call in your script for the gondatropin drug (shot) to a mail order pharmacy, they tend to be a cheaper way to order gondatropins (injectilbles). My guess is you will grow more mature eggs with the added injectibles. The monitoring is essential because you most likely will have more follies this cycle than with Clomid alone and your e2 levels may climb quickly putting you at risk to overstim. However continually checking e2 levels & adjusting doses allow them to catch possible overstimming (AKA OHSS) very quickly so that's good. The Clomid first may cut down your risk a bit though than just jumping straight into injectibles. I've never done both together however, but it is a fairly common practice. Also, you got some very good news today, no male factor is wonderful news. Therefore your odds sound pretty good this cycle. Are you going to do an IUI after you trigger or just BD? All this stuff gets confusing I know. Good luck this cycle & I hope this clears it up for you at least a little bit. Keep us posted on how this combo works for you. I'd also be interested in hearing what injectible drug you end up using. Other than more bloating, I didn't notice many s/e from injectibles. I thought Clomid s/e were way worse myself. Again good luck! Hope you get that healthy baby soon!


Tink - December 21

I have done 2 IUIs with clomid and one IUI with injectables (follistim). i am having my 4th IUI this weekend again, with injectables. doing my final (7th) injection tonight of it. then ovidrel trigger tomorrow. usually for any clomid or injectable or combined cycle, you will do an u/s at the begining of your period to ensure there are no cysts. if you have one, they will most likely make you sit out for hte cyst to go away. the drugs can make cysts form/grow, which can be dangerous. then you will typically start the clomid and/or injections anytime from day 3 on.....i am on CD9 and doing my last injection. i started them on CD3. i am not using clomid in addition- just injections only. then usually around CD7 or 8, you'll have another u/s to check the growth of your follicles, which will eventually release eggs. they want to monitor their growth and size. then you usually come back 2 days later or so for another- again, to monitor size. i went in on tuesday for a check and again today. i have another one tomorrow. they will do your schedule based on how your follies grow and decide how many u/s are needed day to day based on how you are growing/doing. usually once at least one follicle reaches 19mm, they will have you take the trigger shot- like ovidrel. that will induce ovulation about 36 hours later, which is when they will do the IUI. Clomid is known for thinning your lining. Injectables have a higher chance of multiples (20% chance of twins, vs only 10% with clomid)- but it doesn't affect or thin your lining and injectables can help improve egg quality and produce more follicles- it is just a higher/more potent drug/treatment than clomid. i have heard of many doctors using both. i've never combined them. my RE always has me on either/or. the injectables can make you overstim - like Mega says. hopefully that helps- Mega always has great info too. _____________so here is how my current cycle went, if it helps.....cd3, ultrasound to check for cysts- i had one last month, and sat out. they saw it was gone and i am clear to start shots. CD3-CD9- follistim injections at home. CD 7- ultrasound to check growth. CD9- another u/s to check growth and they had me do another follistim shot based on my progress. CD10 (tomorrow)- another u/s for follie check and urine test to check LH. will probaby trigger CD10 (injectables make me O early). CD11 or 12- IUI. CD12/13- i can do a post IUI u/s to confirm ovulation (see the corpus luteum left behind once follicle releases egg).


Tink - December 21

oh and btw- on my CD7 u/s, they saw 5 follies that were 9mm or over. so those are in the 'running' to be mature at IUI time. today, CD9, those follies had grown a lot......but i was still not ready to trigger. probably tomrorow. so the injectables did help me have a lot of follies- 5 potential to release eggs at IUI time----so hence you can see why there is an increased chance of multiples. i am guessing 2 of the 5 follies will be close to 'over-mature', so really i think only 3 will be good quality eggs.


tanner789 - December 21

thanks you so much girls for the quick response i am on to understanding the whoel process so much better. we werent given an option for iui, she just said we should have lots of sex when given the que to go ahead. i dont knw if iui is more for male infertility, but it was never suggested, she did suggest ivf which is ridiculousy expensive, so i'm wondering why no mention of iui, i'm happy with where were goign so we'll see from there-thansk for the help, by the way where do you give yourself the shots? belly butt or what? and do they hurt, that makes me the most nervous. and with the ovidrel, is that a shot you give yourslef, or do they give it to you at your last u/s?


thayward7 - December 21

Hi! I am about to start my second cycle of Clomid with injectables. I will take 100 mgs of Clomid on days 5-9, then Repronex on days 8-11. I tried this same "plan" 2 cycles ago - but I had unexplained hormone drop - so, I am trying again this cycle. I take the Repronex shot in the belly - it stings a bit and leaves a sore spot - sometimes a bruise, but nothing major. The Ovidrel I use in the leg and it doesn't hurt, or sting at all. I hope things work out for you! Smiles and Babydust... T



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