Clomid and HCG trigger Shot***I got a BFP today
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hapistuff - January 17

I tested this morning and got a BFP. I have been on clomid for the past 3 cycles. I have also been giving myself an injection along with the clomid to start ovulation (I do this about a week after I stop taking clomid). The injection (shot) is called Ovridel. I hope you all get your BFP soon. ~*~*~*Baby Dust to you~*~*~*


BabyOnMyMind - January 17

YEAH! It all paid off!


tk07 - January 17

congrats!!!!! that is awesome!


Tracy88 - January 17



hapistuff - January 17

Thanks ladies. I sending you all Sticky-Sticky Baby Dust~*~*~*~*


mommy2josh - January 17

Congrats hapistuff. May I ask how many days PO are you? Hve a happy and healthy 9 months.


slowpoke01 - January 17

congrats to you. so glad that all your efforts and hard work paid off. have a happy healthy 9 months. take care


hapistuff - January 17

mommy2josh - I am at 11dpo today.



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