clomid and hcg question
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dee - October 29

I have a question about hpt after I have had clomid and hcg shot I am 11dpo and did a test couldn't wait it came out neg. someone told me that if I had a hcg shot at some point all of the hormorne leaves the system and then if pregnant comes back a few days later given a positive hpt is this true
Please help


dear dee - October 29

my understanding is that you can get a false positive after an hcg shot if you test too soon so because you already got the bfn you know it is out of your system and when you test in a few more days and if it is a bfp you know its not a false positive


dee - October 29

so the hormorne leave the body then may come back if pregnant


Missy - October 29

after you have the shot it stays in your body for 7-14 days once you test negative the hcg is gone then you test again and find out if you are positive or not



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