Clomid and Gonal F combo...anyone else???
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Ness - January 24

I start clomid tomorrow (cd3), and will start my Gonal F injectons on day 8. I will also be doing my first IUI this cycle. Has anyone else used this strategy before? Any successes???


Tonya - February 5

i'm doing something similar, i did clomid cd3-7, then mini ovidrel injections cd5-8. how many follies did you have??


lilly2 - February 14

Hi, I shoud have this month first IUI if all ok.I am on clomid days 2-6(doc.prescribed 3-7) 50mg clomid, today is CD9 and still cant feel any sideeffects.Doctor said if need nurse will give me gonal and trigger shot.Probably I'll have more U/S or blood test to make shore right time of ovulation if there is any follies.Worried a bit becouse I may ovulate for weekends and then just doctor on duty will do IUI.Not exspecting to much from the first time, becouse TTC since june, had M/C in novembar, so with this down and sad feelings is hard for me to belive it will be positive this time.Would love to have large family, now relise it will not happend to me, cant conceive even 1 baby, so dont even want to dream about tweens, what I allways wanted.The first month on 50mg clomid I had JUST 2 follieas, but no pregnancy.I am not shore last month how many had but will know tomrorrow if I have any.So many girlls are lacky to have more follies like 3,4,...7 but I am not so fertile.How many follies did you had Ness and Tonya?Baby dust to you.


Tonya - February 14

hey lilly, you're doing better than me...each time i've been on clomid, i have had 1 follie...this month finally iui went i'm in the 2ww...babydust


Lilly2 - February 21

Hi Tonya, any positive signs from IUI yet?I had mine IUI last friday cd12 and I think wasnt good, too early.Had U/S at 8 am and for the first time nurse couldnt messure my eggs properly.On the left had 1egg 19mm and other 15mm if is right messure, on right had one 23 egg or cyst and small one 8-10mm.That is what she could see on monitor, nad becose tissues wasnt clear.Then she gave me trigger shot and at 1 pm she did IUI, just 5 hours latter!!!!!!Had a bit blood becose my crevix iz small, and she had to use small plastic nidle for insemination.She seen a lots of mucus and semen was 60 millions with 90% motility.Now I am so angry becose I think she inseminate me to early and semen cant survave longer than 24-48 or 72 h.Everyone said different.My clinic like semen to wait before ovulation.Hmmm, I am not so shore!I am totaly flat and have no any feelings what will happend.On friday will do progesterone test.Tonya, did you had trigger shou and after how many hours you had IUI latter?Good luck to you hope youll get positive results soon.Baby dust to all.


Tonya - February 21

Lilly, i had my u/s at 8, triggered at 1 and had the IUI the next morning at 10...what did your level say when you went for IUI? it has to be greater than 2.5, and mine was 3.7...i don't have any preg. symptoms either...i test on monday, 2/27....we'll see...good luck to you...


Nin - February 21

Hey my response to clomid is not so great so I always take clomid 150 + Follegon (last month i had Menogon to which i responded better).



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