clomid and follicles grow
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gi - November 1

i took clomid and had my sonogram.. i ma not producing good eggs as only 3, 4 follicles but not big enough ,she increased my dose to 100mg and even i got cyst ,i am cramping also.. did anyone exp. this while taking clomid?


yor not alone - November 2

I am on clomid this cycle and last and I have cramped up both cycles from ovulation day. I did not get cysts though but your doc should monitor you with u/s to make sure you are not developing problems. Have you had your egg reserve checked? There are tests they can do to determine the quality and quantity of eggs you have left. Just because you are young doesnt mean you have alot and good eggs and just because you are older doesnt mean you have fewer than the younger ladies and worse eggs. Everyone is different., If your eggs are not so good you can always look into donor eggs from annonymous donor, friend or sister/relative to help you achieve a pregnancy. If you only mean your eggs are not good due to size they can give you an injection to suppress your ovulation to allow them to grow larger (they do this for ivf) and then trigger you to release the eggs and you can try naturally, iui or ivf depending on your course of action that month. Best of luck gi.



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