Clomid and Follicles!
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Audrey - November 9

Hi! I am on my second round of clomid, 50 mg. I went in for my first ultrasound ever yesterday, on CD 11, and the doctor said that I have 14 follicles on my right ovary, with one bigger one at 11 mm. I also have 12 follicles on my left ovary, with three that are bigger, 18 mm, 15 mm, and 13 mm. Since I am only on cd12, the doctor said to start bedding and tomorrow , cd13, I go in for another U/S to see if they have grown.... hopefully! Is this normal? I am scared that I won't ovulate.... don't think I ovulated last month on clomid.... and doctor won't do a blood test to check for ovulation.... (don't know why!).... Does it sound like I have a good chance of ovulating this month with the amount of follicles I have? I am new to this and pretty confused....Thanks!!


Mega - November 9

It sounds good, esp. with the big "guy" weighing in at 18 mm. Interesting that your dr won't do a day 21 test. I guess some don't believe in it. But I'd guess you have an excellent shot at ovulating with those bigger follies, & there's a good chance they'll grow even more by tomorrow. Are you doing any other form of tracking? If you chart BBT, it should tell you for sure if you ovulated, though I'd think the progesterone test is the best indicator. Good luck, Audrey. Keep us posted!


Audrey - November 9

Thanks Mega! Does only the very biggest follicle release an egg, or is it just all the "mature" ones? The doctor said she wants them to get a little bigger. My doc is weird about the whole blood test thing. I don't understand it. It sounds like such an easy way to detect ovulation. I have been using the clearblue fertility monitor for three cycles..... and I have NEVER gotten a peak..... even on clomid last month. I am still using it, and I am hoping that I will get a peak in the next few days. I have been checking my cm. I have been taking robitussin, and it has been really watery.... I haven't had any ewcm yet...... I would suppose if I am going to ovulate that it would start soon, but I know that clomid can dry you out..... which really stinks! I am not tracking my BBT. I need to though... I'll start it next cycle. I did it about six months ago, but it was really hard for me to take my temp at the same time every morning. I am really really hopeful that clomid will work.


Mega - November 9

You're welcome! I believe (though I'm not 100% sure) that the biggest follies are the more mature follies so they're your best shot for egg release, if that makes sense. And I guess not every follie ends up releasing an egg, that's why the goal is usually to produce more than one follicle. This stuff gets soooo complicated, doesn't it? I think optimal size for a good follie is at least 18 mm, with 22-24 being the goal to aim for. Robbitussin is good to use with Clomid. Have you looked into Presseed sperm friendly lube? That can help Clomid users with their CM dryness too. I hear you on the whole BBT thing. I've stopped doing it since I went to my RE, he does so much monitoring I don't really find it necessary anymore. But at first, with my OB, I found it very helpful.


Rene' - November 10

I had a follicle on right side that was 25mm, No follicles on my left. With such a large one on the right side, I am hoping the IUI worked, Iwill know with a blood test Nov. 18th.


Mega - November 10

Good luck, Rene. That's a very big eggie!!! So, I'd think you have a good chance. Keep us posted on what the blood test shows!


kylie - November 11

Hi Mega,

I am currently on my 4th clomid round on 150mg! its touch to deal with, but I had scan done today on CD12 and their is only one mature folicile @ 15mm I normally have a 34 day cycle latley any how, hopefully i ovualate!!!! fingers crossed for me! Good luck with your egg's!! xx


Audrey - November 11

Well, here is the update... I went in yesterday for a follow-up ultrasound. On my left ovary I have one follicle at 25, and one follicle at 22. That is good. But then they told me that my uterine lining is thin (it is only at a 4). Of course, I started balling! The doctor said that I could still get pregnant, but she would like it to be a bigger. I am so depressed. Also, she said my follicles are ready to release the egg, but my fertility monitor still hadn't peaked yet today. I am so depressed. I asked what she could do about my lining, and she said that at the beginning of next cycle she will put me on estrogen to help it.... and she will also do an hcg trigger shot. I am so nervous that #1, I won't ovulate even with these two huge follicles, and #2 even if I do, my lining sucks.... I feel like a failure.


Mega - November 11

It's rough--being on Clomid. It can thin out the lining & dry up CM sometimes too. It's ironic isn't it, we take Clomid to help with Ovulation & then it screws with 2 other vital components to having a baby. But the good news is, you have a plan of action next cycle. The trigger shot is very good, it does an excellent job of forcing out those follies. The other good news is you do respond to Clomid--you've made some juicy eggies, that's great. And now you know about the lining issue & you can get that taken care of too. Unfortunately, part of this whole ordeal we go through is month after month of finding that "magic" treatment or drug combo that works FOR YOU. But you will find it, & it sounds like you can have some very real hope for next cycle if not this cycle. Also, do you go to an OB or an RE? Good luck & hang in there Audrey. And you too Kylie. With your longer cycles & it only being CD 12 for you, I'd say there's still plenty of time for that follie to grow bigger before it's time to Ovulate.


Audrey - November 11

It is all messed up. I switched insurance and now with the plan I am on there is no RE that I can go to. I am going to an OB who works with fertility issues too. It really stinks because my OB, who is nice and all, doesn't do IUI or anything like that.... so I think I am just going to try to switch back to my old insurance if I don't get pregnant in the next few months. There is a great RE that my old insurance covered. I switched insurance at the time when I didn't think I'd have any infertility issues and because it was cheaper.... big mistake! I like and hate clomid all at the same time! Thanks for your support Mega....:)


Mega - November 11

You're welcome. We all need all the support we can get right now. That's the most frustrating thing of all, I doubt many of us at all think we'll ever be dealing with infertility, I didn't. That's too bad your new ins. doesn't cover REs. I didn't find many that my ins covered, but I got lucky b/c it does cover the one I go to now. I'm waiting for the whole idea of infertility to reach the mainstream & companies to offer more robust supplemental coverage to cover IUIs & IVF and other fun stuff. You know?! I keep thinking, any day now.


Audrey - November 11

I live in Illinois, and it is a state mandate that all infertity treatments are covered (that is what my ins. co. told me)... I mean, even IVF. My problem is not with them being covered, it is finding someone to do it!! I live on the border of Iowa, and in Iowa, fertility treatments are not mandated to be covered, so I am glad I live in Illinois..... IF i switch my insurance back to be able to go to the RE I want! It is kind of confusing, hope I made some sense!!! :)



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