clomid and folic acid
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pj - March 28

I am due to start my second cycle of clomid as soon as A/f shows..just had provera... imagine waiting for A/f . Anyway, just checking are you guys have folic acid/prenatals along with clomid, or once you have BFP. My earlier doc who said I should try naturally for 6-7 months had put me on folic acid. I changed my doc after nothing happened in 6-7months, and was put on clomid.. but she has not advised prenatals??????????


vaneesa - March 28

they say you should start folic acid before you are pregnant so if i was you i would start it now


lea - March 28

take prenatals at least 3 months before conceiving. It's very important so keep taking that folic or just take prenatals.


pj - March 29

thanks guys



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