clomid and early o
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jenna - July 6

I just took my last clomid pill on the Evening of Tuesday the 5th. Today, the 7th, I have a lot of ew cm. Could I be ovulationg that early. I took my script days 2-6 and today is cd 8???? Please help


Drew - July 6

Hi Jenna, from all the research I have done on Clomid, it says you usually ovulate 5-8 days after your last pill. What dosage are you on? Maybe if you can call your doctor and ask if this is possible, they can give you a better answer. Good luck!!! :)


jamie j - July 7

Hey Jenny,
I took my second round of clomis days 3-7 and had +OPK onm days 9 and 10 and then ovulated day 11. I felt it!!!! I wish I would've known this for cycle one, because I think I missed it on that round. Just BD like crazy for the next 5 dys.


to jamie j - July 7

Thank you!!!!! did you feel funky (not nomal o pain and not horrible) weird tingles and twindges before o


shan - July 11

I am wondering the same thing. I took 100mg this month for the first time and on 50mg i would o on day 17-19. On Friday which was cycle day 10 i had a positive opk test, and thought i felt twinges now today day 13 i feel twinges too Is it possible to be ovulating earlier since they upped my dose, and what it going on?



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