Clomid and Cysts
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turtle - January 17

How many of you ladies got cysts from taking clomid. I am on my 3rd cycle of having to sit out cause of this. I am so upset. What did you do for them if you did have them other than BCP. I get very sick on them and don't want to take them. Any advice would be great! Thanks.


lyric - January 17

I got cysts with my 1st cycle. 50 mg Doc monitored them via u/s. they went away on their own. I was so afraid that I would have to sit out a cycle and take BCP. I was lucky there was no delay with my second round and no cysts either.. next cycle I will be on 100 mg and i know there will be cysts... i just know it. ughhh.


slowpoke01 - January 17

i got cysts, but never had to sit out because of them. i took a 3 month break in aug after terminating an ectopic pregnancy and they went away on their own. now i am taking another break for a little while. they should go away on their own. good luck


SaintRose83 - January 17

I am also on my 1st round of Clomid, when do you go in to be checked out to see if you have cysts??? I don't think I ovulated on this cycle, but I know they like to see you be4 you start another dose. What cycle day do you go in to be checked??? Also what is BCP??


slowpoke01 - January 18

saint-they usually have me come in on day 3 or 5 of my cycle and then again on day 10 and then day 12. what cycel day are you on? they call mine a follicle growth study and if you are on clomid it is very important that you get monitored through u/s. they do mine vaginally which is uncomfortable but not painfull. you should really ask the doc about doing it. also for the first few months while i was on clomid they did progesterone tests like i think 7 days after you ovulate just to make sure that you did ovulate and that your progesterone levels arent low.


baby1234 - January 18

I got 2 cysts after my one and only cycle of clomid. I didn't have to take anything to make them go away, but I did have to sit the next cycle out. For me, I ended up starting my next cycle about a week and a half early. The dr. said it could have been from my body dealing with the cysts disolving. Whatever the reason I started early, I didn't care because I got to start the next cycle sooner! I think cysts are pretty common after being stimulated with clomid or anything else (that's part of the reason they monitor us so closely!). Take care.


SaintRose83 - January 18

Slow... I am on cycle day 18 right now, and so far no ovulation. I have been testing with a kit, and also BBT. They already know my progestrone is low, they have given me suppositories to take if I ovulate. But I do need to come in to check to make sure there are no cysts. I just don't know what cycle day they usually want you to come in for the U/S?? Is it to late in my cycle to do it?


slowpoke01 - January 18

do you usually ovulate late? if you have a long cycle then it may not be too late for them to check. you may want to call and tell them that you still havent ovulated and that you want them to do an u/s to check the uterine lining and check for cysts and to see if your follicles are growing.


Tink - January 18

St- they should be doing an u/s on the first few days of your cycle to rule out cysts before prescribing you clomid. then i usually had another u/s mid cycle- around day 12-14 to check follie growth. then i wouldn't have another one usually until the end of that cycle, beginning of the next- to ensure no cysts before starting again. they won't be able to really see a cyst has formed until the end of your cycle. it is sometimes the corpus luteum or empty follicle that can sometimes become a cyst. i had one after my first injectable IUI (my third IUI) and had to sit out a month. i have heard cutting out caffeine helps. i know caffeine makes my breast tissue more fibrous or to have fibroids and apparently it can do the same to encourage cysts. so i cut out caffeine that month hoping it would help the cyst go away. it was gone after a month. good luck


SaintRose83 - January 19

I just made a doctors appt for tomorrow (Friday). They really didn't tell me to come in, I kind of had to force them to give me an appt. I am on cycle day 19, took clomid days 5-9. No ovulation yet, but I do tend to have long cycles, so maybe there is hope... but I hear its common to not Ovulate on your first round of clomid. I just hope that when I go tomorrow they will find cysts if there are any, and that they wont develop later on in my cycle, b/c I don't think they will want to see me again if I take another round of clomid..



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