Clomid and cycle issues.
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mm - April 10

I am a very regular 28day cycle girl, I ovulate every month with no problems. My MD put me on 50mg of Clomid to make me hyperfertile becouse my DH has semen issues. My ultrasound on CD12 showed I had 3 huge follicles. I am on CD 31 and still no AF, not even any spotting (I do have mild cramps). I have taken numerous HPT, and received both negatives and a few very questionable positives. Is this the Clomid messing with my cycle or could I be pregnant and just have not seen a BFP yet.


terrie - April 29

Hi. My 2nd cycle on clomid, I had a 34 day cycle. I tested and got a neg result. I got my period on the 35th day. Hopefully yours is a pg though.


Tracy88 - April 29

I am exactly like you; ovulate on my own, and very regular 28 day cycles. I went from having 28 day cycles to 31 and 34 day cycles on the months that my progesterone was high. All PG tests were always negative. I usually ovualte quite early, but on clomid I would ovulate arounf cd15 or 16, which elongated my cycle as well. Hope this helps.....good luck.


wannabeamom - April 29

My cycles seem to be shorter while on 100-150mg of clomid. I am also usuallu every 28 days. But I have been 23-24 days past 2 cycles. However 3 cycles ago it was 33 days. I am sure it effects us all indifferent ways depending on how much and when you take it in your cycle.


Tracy88 - April 29

I agree with wannabeamom. Perhaps if I had kept taking it, my cycles would have shortened. You never know. Wannabeamom, what was your progesterone level on day 21 in the last two months compared to the ones before that? I'm just curious. Have a great weekend ladies.


Tracy88 - April 29

Oops, wannabeamom, I just realized that we already shared that info on another thread!


Ann1 - April 29

mm, clomid changes lots of peoples' cycles--both shorter and longer. Did you do a trigger shot? If not, even though your follies were big, you may not have ovulated for several days after. Or did you do another u/s or opk where you can pinpoint O? If you can't pinpoint, you may not be as many dpo as you think. If you have gotten some light positives, maybe your hcg is just too low. Also, if you are getting some positives and negatives, it is possible that you had a very early miscarriage. You should get a blood test asap. That is the only way you will know for sure. Good luck!


wannabeamom - April 29

you're too funny Tracy! I can hardly remember anything. I am constantly looking back through the threads remind myself!


Soph - May 4

Hi All,
I keep reading about a trigger shot while on clomid. Call me silly but what is a trigger shot. I will be starting 50mg of clomid next month to increase my preg chances. I already ovulate every month and have a perfect 28 day cycle with ovulation on day 14. I have a unicornuate uterus so thats why i am on clomid. Hope it works for all of us :)


Mega - May 4

Hi Soph. That's not a silly question. :) A trigger shot is an injection of Hcg to bring on ovulation. Typically you O about 36 hours after the shot. It's more typically used with IUI to better time the procedure. Since it sounds like you're just doing Clomid this cycle, your dr probably won't have you trigger especially since you O on your own anyway. Good luck with the Clomid. Hope it does the trick.


wannabeamom - May 5

I just wanted to say that since my last post I went to my doctor. He did an u/s and I have a 8 centimeter cyst on my right ovary. So I have to stop clomid. But that is why my cycles were off.


Becca - May 5

wow good thing you went to the dr. Last cycle I was on 50 mg of clomid. Like you, I O on my own, but my cycles are not regular. They can vary from 27-35 days. The dr put me on clomid to try to regulate me. This past cycle AF didn't show until 19 dpo. I went for a blood test on 18 dpo and it was BFN. The clomid really messed with me too, I guess that is why I was so late. I'm usually a 14 dpo AF girl.



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