Clomid and Charting BBT
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Anne - August 16

This is my first cycle on clomid. OPK says I ovulated around Day 17, which makes sense bc my BBT spiked up to 98. My problem is, it's been below 98 since then. What does that mean? Everything I've read talks about BBT being elevated after ovulation. I can't find any information on clomid effects on BBT, except that it may elevate it - BUT mine is lower than the peak? Please help?


Jamie - August 16

Anne - There are several things that could be going on here. One - your OPK is wrong and you didn't ovulate which would explain why BBt isn't elevated. I don't trust those things. In the book Taking Charge of your Fertility it says another explanation could be low postovulatory progesterone. (low progesterone levels) This would cause your BBt to remain low after ovulation. I would definitely let your doctor know that your temps are low..... I hope some of this helps. Good Luck!!


KellyN - August 16

My temps went up and down the entire 5 days of taking clomid. It never went up as far as my ovulation goes, though.


D. - August 16

How low is low? If you started around 97.2 and after ovulation it went up to 97.7, it's probably pretty certain that you did ovulate. But if it is still around the same temps that you were at before you thought you ovulated, then you may not have ovulated after all. Or it's a very weak one. I would do what Anne says and let your doctor know. Many doctor's don't believe in charting though . So, I would have my progesterone levels and my thyroid checked. Those are low temps. Of course, also check your thermometer. Bad batteries could be ruining your chart!



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