Clomid and an irregular period.
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Kristi - September 28

I am on my first dose of clomid and I have irregular periods - as in I normally have spotting anywhere from 2-4 days before my heavy bleeding starts. My Dr. told me start the clomid on day 3 of my period and said to count from the first day of spotting....however this month I spotted for 5 days, then nothing, then started full force on the 7th day....I went ahead and started the clomid on day 3 of the spotting.... Was wondering if anyone else has a problem with spotting before your periods and are taking clomid and if so when did your Dr. have you start the clomid - counting from spotting or actual bleeding?


Mega - September 28

Hi Kristi. I have irregular periods too. The first time I took Clomid (CD 3-7) I had to take Provera first to induce AF. That one cycle I had a day or two of spotting (unusal for me). I called the Dr. on call all frantic about what day to start Clomid & they advised me to start it on the 3rd day after full flow, not the spotting. It gets confusing sometimes, doesn't it?! I really don't think it's going to affect your ovulation too much though that you took during spotting rather than full flow. If your concerned ask your dr. though. Good luck. Baby dust!!!


Kristi - September 28

I called and talked to my Dr.'s nurse, who was no help, basically just told me to wait and see what happens with my period next month - she must have never had to go through this before! Anyhow, I will be talking to my Dr. soon and will bring it up. I had just wondered what other people with the same situation were told to do. Thanks for the baby dust!



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