clomid and af
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Nicole - April 16

did anyone notice a change in their af after while on clomid. Since I started taking it, I usually have one day of extremely light spotting, then it stops for a day or two then I get a very light period for about two days. Has anyone else experienced this while on clomid? This has happened to me on two cycles of clomid and I am waiting to see what happens this month.


Kim - April 17

Same here. I had 1 day of brown spotting then 1 heavy day and then 1 light day. 3 days total thats it!


Nicole - April 17

Thanks for your answer. It is always nice to know that others are experiencing the same thing.


Tonja - October 18

Yes! AF is usually 7 days long with 4 very haevy days,on clomid it was light and gone before day #5!


isa - October 18

hey Nicole my af was the same as all other months when i wasnt on clomid, 3 days long, 2nd day heaviest, no spotting days. Ive been on it 2 months, days 2-6 each cycle.


Molly - October 18

Hi! Yeah my af is definitely different on Clomid. I used to have heavy for 3 days, light for another 3 then spotting for one. Now I have 2 days really heavy and then spotting for a few days, gone by day 5 - fantastic!


curious - October 20

has anyone noticed a change in cm on clomid? i have an significant increase in cm this cycle right before O ever since.



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