clomid and a missed period
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harrisap - March 9

I started clomid 2 months ago, last month the dr said I ovulated but we didn't have any luck getting pregnant. I started my period on the exact day I was due. This month I am due for my period and I'm 3 days late all my pregnancy test are negative so far. I'm afraid I'm getting my hopes up. I have PCOS so having a missed period isn't abnormal for me. But, isn't clomid suppose to regulate you as well as make you ovulate? Any one missed a period on clomid, and not been pregnant?


Tink - March 9

actually clomid made my cycles really long at first, then it started to smooth it out. i went over 38 days one month on it. are you taking any progesterone? that will also delay your period. good luck


harrisap - March 9

no progesterone, just clomid right now. How many months will they allow you to take clomid?


Tracy88 - March 9

Clomid made my periods later as well. It seemed the higher my day21 progesterone was the later my period showed. It always showed though. Clomid is not recommended for use beyond 6 times. The odds of it working beyond the third cycle greatly decrease. I did it for 3 cycles then quit and moved on to injectables with IUI's and am now 30 weeks pg. Good luck.



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