Clomid and # and Size of follicles before HCG
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Erin - December 11

I went in for my CD12 ultrasound and I had one 20mm follicle and one 17mm so they gave me the HCG trigger. I was just wondering what other people's experiences were with the # and size of their follicles before ovulation when taking clomid.


beth - December 11

erin-those are good follicle sizes. they like them to be greater than 16 mm before they give you the trigger. they will continue to grow after the trigger. when is your iui.? how are you feeling?


Ann - December 11

The one time I have gone, I had two follicles. One was 22 and the other was 19. I did iui that day (dr was sure I would o any minute) and went back the next day, and both were still there, so they gave me the hcg. I didn't get pg (trying iui again this week).


Erin - December 11

I am not having and IUI we're still trying to bd. Yesterday and today I am very tired. I also have a cold, so it could just be from that.


Mega - December 12

Like Beth said, those are very good follie sizes. My first monitored Clomid cycle I produced 1 follie at like CD 16 or so and it measured 15.5 mm so I triggered 2 days later. My current cycle I had 1 follie again, this time it had grown to be 17 mm or so, and again they had me trigger 2 days later, I think that was CD 16 +/- again. I'm just a late responder to Clomid. I had another BFN, so I think I'm going to try injectibles along with Clomid this cycle. Good luck Erin, I hope you feel better.


Rene' - December 12

I had 2 follicules on this clomed cycle. One was 20mm and 1 was 18mm. They gave me the trigger, and I was inceminated the follwing 2 days. Each incemination had 20 million sperm count.

I am now waiting , and waiting, and waiting. My 2 weeks and 2 days is December 23rd.
I hope not start my AF and get some good news right before christmas eve.


Ann - December 12

Update to my earlier post: I went in for a sono today and have three follicles. They are 28, 27, and 21. My dr says, in general, they give the trigger when a woman has one over 20.


L - December 13

Erin - I take 50 mg of clomid days 3-7 and for the last two cycles I have produced one follicle each time one 16 & one 16.5, before receiving the trigger shot. So, your follicles are great!


Rene' - December 13

Ann- -those are great follicules. I was told that they only needed to be an 18 to produce an egg. You should be good to go.


Ann - December 13

Rene', it will be great as long as I don't get triplets!! Good luck on getting good news on the 23rd! I hope it is your month.


Ann - December 13

I just got back from the iui (much less painful than time #1). They only gave me a half dose of the hcg since I had 3 follicles. Now the waiting game begins...ugh...


Rene' - December 13

Thanks Ann. The Dr. warned me about twins with my two follicules, which will be fine with me if that is what I get. The 2 week 2 day wait is a killer. I am much more relaxed this time then I was last month. I hope that helps. The Dr. says my Pergesterone levels were so good last month, they arnt going to do the blood work to test it this month. I hope this christmas will be a good one!!
Thanks for the prayers!!


ekhull - December 14

Do you tend to have a higher chance of multiples with an HCG?


Rene' - December 14

You tens to have a higher chance of multiples with more then 1 follicule. HCG doesnt matter. Each follicule has the potential of releasing an egg to be fertilized which increases your chance of multiples.


Ann - December 14

I think hcg could matter, because it is the hormone that causes eggs to release. In other words, some of the follicles might not release eggs without the hcg boost, so it seems like it should increase the chances. I don't know for sure, it seems like it should cause an increase.



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