Clomid and 2 follicles ? Confused and sad...
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CC - September 27

Today I had a ultrasound on cd 13 (took Clomid 100mg days 3-7) and they only found 2 follicles on my right side (I dont know how big they measured)..She said no follicles were on my left side at all ? Im confused. I thought I would have many more then 2 and from what I have read on here, I dont think I have known anyone to have only two? I havent O'd yet, so I am going back in two days for a recheck. I feel down. Any info or insight ?


mama-bean - September 27

It only takes one good one to make a baby.. hang in there. Two is a good number!


KD - September 27

I believe the point of Clomid is to help induce ovulation with a certain time period(i.e. 5-10 post past pill) not to create multiple follicles--a normal response to Clomid IS 2 mature follicles. Don't worry about it, you sound on track to me


Chris - September 27

CC - Clomid is meant to bring follicles to maturity. So if you have two maturing follicles that is a good number! I have been on two cycles of clomid. I have PCOS. I have about 10 - 15 follicles in each ovary, but they never mature. Therefore, I hardly ever ovulate. So the clomid is supposed to mature them. I had two mature follicles in each cycle. The nurses and doc said that was great! But I had to take a trigger shot to induce ovulation since I don't on my own. Clomid also makes you ovulate later than usual. I o'd on day 17. So don't get down.


Michelle - September 27

I am in almost the same situation. I also took clomid 100mg. cd3-7. At cd 12 my u/s showed no follicles on my left side and 5-6 very immature ones on my right. My RE said that they were too small to ever mature and I would not O this month so it wasn't worth repeating the u/s. (I was supposed to have an hcG trigger shot) What makes this all the more surprising is that I have no problem O'ing on my own usually; I am on clomid due to recurrent miscarriage and clomid is supposed to thicken my endometrium. I am now cd25. Are your 2 follicles mature? All you need is one so don't lose hope yet!


jcr - September 27

I know how you feel, I was told on day 13 that follicles didn't mature and my estrogen levels dropped so I didn't and wouldn't ovulatie this month. But cd24 I got my first positive opk test ever! I am on 1500mg metformin and 100 mg clomid days 3-7. So don't give up hope (even if the Dr does) and keep testing. Ya never know!


Lena - September 27

While taking clomid, my follicle numbers ranged from 1 follicle to 7 follicles. Thoug most of the time I had 4.


isa - September 27

i have 4 good follicles this month and i was on 100mg of clomid days 2-6 and injectibles day 7-10. i onlyhad one small one on the other side and was told this is normal. you have 2 and you only need 1 to get pg so dont worry.


chrissy - September 27

i used clomid 4 cycles, then gave up, i was very sick, and had one follicle, no pg, so i am giving up. 8 years and this, we are in the process of adopting baby dust to all!!!!!!


Michelle - September 27

jcr, you give me hope, thanks!


CC - September 27

Thank you everyone for your answers and words of encouragement! It was so nice to find my post and see everyone's responses..Thanks for giving me some piece of mind. Maybe I was wrong having the expectations that I had before the scan. I dont know how big either follicle is, I did ask and realized after I had left I never got the answer. I am going back tomorrow for anothe scan and will make sure to find out. (They looked big to me but what do I know?!) Would I be going back again to see if they got bigger? (I am due to O anyday, hopefully by tomorrow)...Why do they do the scans BEFORE you O and not after ?


Michelle - September 28

My doctor was doing the scan to see when (and apparently if) we should administer the hcG trigger shot. That would cause me to O. You are probably going back to see if your follicles have grown. I hope they are big and plump with lovely ripe eggs!


chrissy - September 29

thats great if you get big follicles! everyoneis so different! well God has a plan for everyone and our angel is just waiting to come to us a different way, best of luck to all ttc!



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