Clomid & ovulation
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Neuza - June 21

Hi ladies, I am taking clomid days 1-5 & this month is my 3round. Normally they advice to have intercourse 5-9 after ur last pill. Nevertheless this month after day 9 i started to have more clear vaginal mucus. I would like to know anyone who is taking clomid & thought they are ovulating after day 9. Thank u!


BabyFever - June 21

Hey Neuza, I have heard that for some women clomid can make you have a longer cycle, so if that's the case you may ovulate a little later. How has it been the past 2 rounds? If you're charting, how's your temp?


Neuza - June 21

Hi BabyFever, thanks for ur reply. I'm not charting or take my temp at the present, to see if i can relax & dont think too much about.... if i should be doing this day or not. I was very obsessed a few months ago & i felt almost getting crazy!!!! MY doctor thinks is a good idea, because make ur mind is more relaxed, anyway the other two months I had mucus during days 5-9. However this month i am taking primorse oil, probably tha is the cause. This month i am as well taking days 1-5 & the first month i took days 4-9 & second 3-7. My doctor from the fertility clinic thinks is a good idea to change days if u dont become pregnant. thanks for ur support


BabyFever - June 22

Yeah I stopped charting 2. Isn't it funny when people tell you "just don't think about it and it will happen" and you want to say back "you just don't have a clue, do you?" I haven't been doing the primrose oil, but I'm gonna try it next month. (even though I hope there's not a next month) What cd are you on? I'm on 17 and I think I ovulated yesterday-today.



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