Clomid & follicle growth experts? need your advice!
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Natalie-ttc - February 1

I am currently on my 1st cycle of clomid...I took it days 2-6 @ is cd 10 for me, and I just had an ultrasound to see if the follicles were growing, and they are only 6mm, 7mm & 10mm...

Is that ok/ normal size for cd10???
The tech said the 10mm one would probably be 16mm by cd 14 and that I would most likely ovulate around or later then cd 14/15...

Please make me feelbetter, that these measurements are ok...

Thanks soooo much IA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mega - February 1

Yes, it should fine. Some people are just slow follie growers, like me. Also, typically those suckers can grow 2 mm a day, so the tech is probably right about you being good & ready to ovulate around CD 15/16 or so. When I took Clomid I tended to Ov around CD 19 or so. Feel better?!! Good luck. I hope this first round is your lucky round. Dust!!


Natalie-ttc - February 2

Thx Mega - I think I will book another scan on monday ...that will be cd15....


jcr - February 2

I too ovulate late around cd 20 with femara and cd30 with no drugs. Have them keep scanning, they gave up on me my first round of clomid because follicle looked small, they stopped scanning at day 15 and said it wouldn't work, I think I ovulated around cd 20. So stay on top of them and have them checked until it looks like they are ready! But don't let the Dr give up!!!!! I found a new RE that monitored me every few days to make sure follicles were growing. Hang in there. Bellyrubs


Mega - February 2

Good. I'm sure you'll see much bigger follies on Monday. Post back & let us know. :)


Natalie-ttc - February 8

Well - not good follies didn't grow at all, and are still the same, and my lining is only 2mm...I can't believe it....
now i'm waitin to see my doc and take it from there...I don't get, I had the cm & cramps/ovary pain, and nothing...


jcr - February 8

Don't give up, like I said I ovulated late with the drugs. They may still grow? Keep on therm and goodluck


Mega - February 8

I'm sorry. Unfortunately you'll have an occassional cycle like that. The same thing happened to me this cycle. I had one 10 mm, & two 14 mm follies & they just quit growing. I had 2 scans after that & still zilch so I took Provera and am just waiting for AF now. My dr told me that Clomid works to trick your body into O, but sometimes our bodies are smarter than the drugs. Also, maybe you need a stronger dose than 100 mgs., most drs will go up to 150 mgs., it's a guessing game trying to figure out which drug or combo of drugs is your magic potion. You WILL find something that will work for you though. It's trial & error. Hang in there!


Natalie-ttc - February 8


Mega - what was your lining size? mine was like 7mm on cd10, then went down to 2mm on cd16...I don't get it...& also, is this 100mm follie, becoming a cyst....what is going to happen when I take clomid again...

Oh, and I am having the worst cramps/pains for the like a week - WTH?

You 2 are great, thanks for the suport...



JCR - February 8

Natalie, unfortunately with clomid I got a cyst and I don't know my follicle size. But this month I did femara and metformin. I took hcg shot to induce o and now is a waiting game, I am getting bfp's but faint. I go in tomorrow for bloodwork. I guess my reason for saying all this is I believe I had much better luck with femara than clomid. And no cyst with femara. Hang in there



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