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KJ - June 28

Hi All, I'll be starting my first round of clomid tomorrow, Wednesday. Anyone have any good advice of success stories??......or just want to wait together? We've be trying for about a year now. Had a miscarriage in January and hoping to get pg soon! Baby dust to all!


WavGirl - June 28

I had miscarriages in 6/02 and 8/02, and an ectopic pregnancy in 12/02. In 3/02 an HSG showed my tubes were clear, but I was not getting pregnant again.
In the summer of '03 I had 2 natural (unmedicated) IUIs, and 1 with 100 mg clomid. They all failed.
Then, we decided to take a break from IUIs, but I still have a refill of clomid. That month, I became pregnant with twins. Today, my girls are 14 months old. Being a parent is amazing! Don't lose hope. We tried for 18 months before I was pregnant with my daughters.
We've been trying to conceive since shortly after their birth in 5/04, and I finally became pregnant in 3/05 but had a miscarriage. I had another miscarriage in 5/05.
My recent research has led me to believe that clomid may be the reason I had a successful pregnancy, as I have experienced 5 pregnancy losses without it. We are going back to a specialist in a few weeks for testing, but I am confident that we will be able to have more children.
It's a long journey, but the end result is well worth the wait. Lots of baby dust coming your way!
for more information.


KJ - June 28

Thanks for your story WavGirl, it would be a blessing to have twins (although it scares my husband to death! :-). The clomid starts tomorrow and I'll be counting down the days from there (and will be looking for any symptom of ovulation!)



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