Clomid a fertility drug?
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B - June 8

Is clomid considered a fertility med? My health insurance will not pay for fertility treatment or meds. Could I get clomid without seeing a fertlity specialist?


Elizabeth - June 8

You can have clomid prescribed by a regular obgyn, but I don't know about insurance. In my case starting clomid is the step before seeing a fertility specialist and my insurance covered it and they do not cover fertility treatment, i.e.- my husband's sperm analysis and so forth. I hope this information is helpful to you! Also, clomid is not that expensive if your insurance won't cover it, about $25 a month at 50 mg.


MelissaS - June 8

It is considered a fertility drug. And, I've also read that if you have privat insurance they will no longer insure you if you take it. I forgot where I read that, but several women had commented on it. I got mine through my general practictioner. Good luck. I did hear it was fairly cheap if you have to pay for it yourself.


B - June 8

Thanks girls for your responses, My Dh works at a Walgreens and the pharmacist did say it was relatively cheap if your insurance doesn't pay and that is fine, I will just go to my Gyn and asked her about Clomid.


Jill - June 8

My insurance didn't cover it, but the generic brand at Wal-Mart was only $25 for the first month. Good luck!!



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