Clomid - OPKs and Ovulating
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1st monther - October 1

TTCing for 9 months now but this is my first month on clomid - days 5-9 on 50mg. I had a positive OPK on day 15 (I was usually not Oing until day 20+ and getting an AF on day 45 +/-). However, my temps don't seem to be rising as they should. Anyone have any experience with positive OPKs and not actually Oing while on Clomid? Do I need a higher dose?


Sara - October 1

Yes, I'm currently on 100mg clomid. this is my 3rd month on it. I had a positive OPK on day 14 but my temps never rose, if anything they started to dip. I think I didn't really O'ed this month but who knows. i did get EWCM too. I'm on cd22 and usually get my period on cd30. I previously tried Clomid 50mg but it didn't work for me. I may have to go to Clomid 150mg if the 100mg doesn't work.


bump - October 2



Michelle - October 2

Ovulating and having no rise in temp can indicate a luteal phase defect. Progesterone is what makes your temp.rise. If there's an inadequate amount, your temp won't rise even if you o'd. It can also cause your leutal phase to be too short. Talk to your doc to rule it out. It can be a cause of miscarriage too (it has been for me). Good luck!


1st monther - October 4

thanks for the response. yesterday by chance i decided to take another opk and it was positive again. another positive this morning and my bbt dropped from 97.4 yesterday to 96.9 today which seems to me to indicate ovulation. i guess i will know within the next few days if my temps rise and stay up. it is as if my body tried to o and it failed and then tried again? unfortunately this happened on the only time in the last two weeks where we didn't bd every other day and so there is a two day gap in there! oh well, i guess i know better for next month.


to 1st monther - October 4

I just finished my first clomid month (100mg) and ovulated same as regular and my temps were the same as all the other months (same patterns to them) but the interesting thing to note is this month i put in my chart to fertility friend and it said i o'd 2 days before i did (it looked at temps) but i know i didnt ovulate until 2 days after it said i did because i was being monitored by ultrasound and still had my follicles and used the hcg to release the eggs on day 13.



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