Clomid...night sweats
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ROBYN - March 30

I took my 1st round of Clomid on 50 mg days 3-7 my last night was the 29th I woke up in the middle of the night last night completely drenched which has only happened when i was sick. Curious if anyone has experienced this with taking clomid. Thanks


Tracy - March 31

I did!!!!!


robyn - March 31

Hey tracy, I feel like we just share so much in common lately (: Thanks for answering my questions. Oh... I went to the RE today because i thought I had my surge well i felt like a dumb a$$ because they told me that since I just got off clomid a day ago i received a false positive. So they said no more OPK's till I go in on CD 12 for my U/S and other testing. So we will see.


pj - March 31

Me too.. I escaped most of the other sideeffects, but I would get up at night and put on the fan at top speed..poor DH. It of course didnt help that I am in India , which is hot....


Amanda - March 31

some people get hot flashes for the clomid.. that could be it .. i hear alot of people say that they get hot flashes from taking it


Tracy - March 31

I just remember waking up one night with no covers on and soaked with sweat, then getting really cold all of a sudden because I was drenched. I would also be at work and just feel hot all of a sudden, but not to the point of breaking a true sweat. It all passes though. This cycle I am med free and feel like my old self again.


Cloe - March 31

Hi I am new to this site! I take Clomid, and does it ever make me feel like crap! The hotflashes, moodiness etc.


ROBYN - March 31

Hey everyone, I really havent felt like total crap and a little bit of nausea the 3rd pill, night sweats on the last night that i had taken it. Have been a little more emotional lately than usual. but... I am getting married in a month, building a house and ttc so it could be a lot on my plate (:


kellyann - April 1

i had night sweats too, nausea, and pain when i ovulated, but it passed.....wasnt too unbearable.



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