clomid - make longer cycle?
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suzy - August 5

Does taking clomid make your cycle longer?


KellyN - August 5

This is just my first cycle with clomid. It will not be longer because my doc gave me a shot to help me ovulate within about 40 hours of the shot. I have heard that many women on clomid ovulate naturally around cd 16, which would make it a bit longer for those of us with 28 day cycles. Good luck!!!


D. - August 5

Yeah it will depend on when you O if you are not getting a trigger. Clomid makes you O anywhere from 5-10 days after you take the last pill. So, if you took your pills days 5-9 of your cycle, you will ovulate anywhere from CD14 though CD19. The later you O, the later you can expect AF.



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