Clomid - how many follicles did you have??
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KellyN - August 3

This is my first month taking clomid. I'm 36 and ttc for the first time. Just diagnosed with pcos. My dr did an u/s last wednesday and showed 7 follicles. 5 HUGE ones in the right ovary and 2 small (but over 15mm) in the left ovary. Is this normal or do I have a high chance of having twins or even triplets?? Also, my right ovary seems to have responded better than the left one. Is that normal?? -kelly


Lena - August 3

My first clomid cycle I had 7 HUGE follicles on one ovary, but now I only have 3 or 4. Yes, you do have a possibility of multiples. Its also possible that not all 7 follicles will ovulate and some will regress. Our ovaries take turns producing follicles each month. One month the left will produce follicles, the next the right. Its is possible for one to be more dominant so that your right ovary may produce 5 ovaries this cycle but your left only produces 1 next cycle.


dina - August 3

I was just at clinic today and was told that more than one follicle can cause mulitples IF they all get to size which they say must be 1.8. Today I am at 1.8 with one so we were told to bd tomorrow skip, bd, skip, bd. Hope this helps. If it were up to me all my symptoms tell me to bd today but for once i am going to listen to the specialists and see if I can get pg following their advise.



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